For years, I’ve bypassed regularly using traditional eye make-up remover. I have extremely sensitive eyes so I found some burned, others weren’t effective or felt oily. One time years ago — I’m talking college days! — while traveling I was out of remover so someone suggested trying moisturizer. Really? It worked so well! I guess it goes back to the old idea how cold cream is supposedly the best way to remove make-up. Such a win.

After washing your face, or after the shower, grab a q-tip and either a face moisturizer or a natural option — I’m a huge fan of Aveeno (love this stuff for all over and use it like this all the time). Put a small amount on your hand, and then dab onto your q-tip before applying just below and above your eyes. Sometimes shocking that there’s still some make-up residue even after you think you’ve cleaned.

Have you ever tried this, or found other atypical ways to remove your make-up??