pulled pork (slow cooker recipe)
1 month ago

pulled pork (slow cooker recipe)

First up for fall! The goal here is to dish up some more good eats, that keep the focus on enjoying time with the fam (or in front of …
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recipe: eggplant feta sandwich
2 months ago

recipe: eggplant feta sandwich

Labor Day weekend is just about here, so relax, enjoy your fam and friends, a little sun, and all fun things. This ultra easy dish comes to us from food …
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bbq grilled pizza // recipe
3 months ago

bbq grilled pizza // recipe

how to make grilled pizza on the bbq
For a fun spin on a typical BBQ night, grilled pizza is a fun and delicious idea, for your family or for a creative night in with friends. Put out a topping bar and let everyone create their own custom pie — guaranteed belly happiness. We did this a few years ago at my husband’s parents house with their friends and have been meaning to replicate here. Lucky for all of us, TAGG’s food contributor Libby beat me to it, snapping these gorgeous shots along the way. Keep reading for a step-by-step photo tutorial how to make your pizza on your grill, and warning: don’t read while hungry.

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the perfect bbq side: ŇstreetÓ corn {recipe}
4 months ago

the perfect bbq side: “street” corn {recipe}

From Alyson: Food contributor, Libby, and I were exchanging emails when she refereced this amazing corn she just made. I probably haven’t shared it here but the perfect creamed …
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recipe: baked brie with rosemary

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Baked brie is one of my favorite dishes; it’s my go-to crowd pleasure… it’s always inhaled!  I mean, how can warm, melting cheese not be insanely delicious? Check out Libby’s summery take here made with filo dough — hello there flaky pastry! — that’s an update to the more traditional iteration with preserves & nuts like I shared a few years back (ignore the pics!). Libby’s is so perfect for your next girls brunch or casual dinner party. Enjoy!  — Alyson


Everyone has that one recipe that always comes out at almost every party. It should be ridiculously easy, require almost no special ingredients and be made so often it’s commited to memory. I have two – a very easy artichoke-cheese dip and baked brie.

In the winter, I top the Brie with jam and nuts. But during the summer, I slip out to my overgrown swamp that I fondly refer to as my garden and snip off a few bunches of rosemary, and then douse the round of cheese in high-quality extra virgin olive oil and wrap it in filo sheets. It bakes for about 20-30 minutes and voila. Messy, creamy, cheesy delicious and the easiest going guest at any party. Read More

12 delicious recipes for extra ripe bananas
5 months ago

12 delicious recipes for extra ripe bananas

We love bananas. Well I should say, we really like bananas. If we loved them I suppose we wouldn’t always wind up with an extra stash of extra ripes each week.  When motivated I make banana bread and I’ve been dying to make banana ‘ice cream‘ in our Vitamix, but more often than not, I’m embarrassed to say they wind up in the trash. Awful. They’re such a great, filling, portable and inexpensive fruit and snack that if you don’t finish your supply, take advantage of one of these great recipes to get great use. So many integrate banana to create healthy yet indulgent versions of old favorites, and others just enhance an already good recipe. Bookmark or pin to use these next time you’re standing in your kitchen staring at those not-so-yellow bananas!


banana chocolate smoothie

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recipe: peaches and pork (or chicken)

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georgia peaches
For a lighter — yet satisfying — summer dinners, food contributor & photographer Libby is back sharing this awesome summer dish. While she made it with pork, must admit I’ve never had a pork chop so I’m ready to pair flavorful ingredient with chicken. Simple enough to swap out the protein! Enjoy…

Libby: It all started with a long drive across the state of Florida, and subsequently a quick pit stop at Yeehaw Junction (this tiny spot where a lot of people get on the Turnpike). There they were – a bucket of beautiful, ripe peaches. Of course, I had to buy them – the smell, even the way they felt in my hands. I was in love.

I realized I had a ton of peaches I needed to use fast. This recipe was a great start – and everything easily available from the pantry (or bar). The rest of the peaches? Consumed with kefir and granola.
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summer time punch

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Hop Skip and Get Naked

With Memorial Day weekend nearly here, I’m counting down to relaxing by the pool at the beach, or even just on my couch. Mama could use a break. I also envision some neigh hood hangouts, a barbecue and very little cooking. It’s how I roll on the weekends.
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summer cocktail club

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2014-04-30 20.11.45

Exciting news in the ‘summer sipping’ front: lots of delicious, fun and easy-to-make cocktails on are the horizon this summer at The Average Girl’s Guide! Thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Pinnacle Vodka over the next few months to share really great cocktails for a girls night out (or in!), beach and pool days, BBQ’s or just a lazy Netflix binge date night on the couch after work… or after the kids finally go to sleep.

I made a quick trip to NYC last week for Pinnacle’s Cocktail Club, meeting with a handful of other fabulous bloggers, the Pinnacle team, and master mixologist, Brian Van Flandern. This guy was out-of-control amazing! We learned the proper way to shake, stir and mix cocktails. How to pour, how to even out a drink’s sugar or alcohol factor when it’s not tasting just right and more. Don’t worry, I was so fixated on sampling the cocktails — ya know, quality control! — that I can’t promise how much info I retained so it makes me happy that my amateur status should suffice since Pinnacle has an impressive 42 flavors (!) to play around with. Plus, open mentioning my anxiousness about crazy concoctions, the Pinnacle team told me they’re all about the easy cocktails, not ones that require so much time and ingredients that your guests are enjoying your party without you. So. My. Style!

Here’s a few fun photos from the night, along with my favorite new cocktail recipe… Read More

recipe: chicken vegetable lettuce wraps

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chicken & vegetable lettuce wraps // the average girl's guide

From food contributor, Libby Volgyes: This recipe capitalizes on fresh spring vegetables - snow peas, green onions, butter lettuce (when available) — and delicious garlic  for an easy night recipe that everyone can enjoy. Plus, they just look pretty!

chicken & vegetable lettuce wraps // the average girl's guide

Lettuce Wraps with Chicken and Spring Vegetables


2 Tablespoons sesame oil
One package chicken cutlets, cut into two-inch strips
4 cloves garlic, cut into pieces
2 bunches green onions, green parts only
2 cups mixed mushrooms, chopped into small pieces (Use morels if you can find them - they’re in season in the springtime)
2 cups snow peas, chopped into small pieces
ÂĽ cup or more Hoisin sauce
1 Tablespoon soy sauce
1 head radicchio or butter lettuce
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