We love bananas. Well I should say, we really like bananas. If we loved them I suppose we wouldn’t always wind up with an extra stash of extra ripes each week.  When motivated I make banana bread and I’ve been dying to make banana ‘ice cream‘ in our Vitamix, but more often than not, I’m embarrassed to say they wind up in the trash. Awful. They’re such a great, filling, portable and inexpensive fruit and snack that if you don’t finish your supply, take advantage of one of these great recipes to get great use. So many integrate banana to create healthy yet indulgent versions of old favorites, and others just enhance an already good recipe. Bookmark or pin to use these next time you’re standing in your kitchen staring at those not-so-yellow bananas!


banana chocolate smoothie

banana bread brownies

banana, walnut and oat bars

Banana quinoa chocolate chip cookies

chocolate peanut butter fudge

banana pancakes


chewy chocolate chip oatmeal breakfast cookies

banana empanadas


strawberry banana fruit leather

banana bread pudding

banana ice cream


banana golden oreo cupcakes