by Alyson

Welcome to The Average Girl’s Guide (TAGG), a site dedicated to the idea that we are all the same average, typical gal who simply want to live our best life. It doesn’t matter if you’re 26 or 62, and what you do, where you live, your background…. we’re all pretty much the same at the end of the day. Spend time here and on TAGG’s FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Instagram feeds for everything from style inspiration, easy recipes, and deals, to beauty finds, must-read books, and of course, TAGG’s Vent Sesh, a column that delves into little-discussed topics like weight, loneliness, babies (+ struggles to have), secret bff’s, scars and bad mom syndrome, just to name a few. We’re your handbook to live your best life.

IMG_7960 Who’s the voice behind TAGG? That’s me, Alyson,
a 30-something living in Florida who’s a wife, daughter, mom and a working gal (I own a PR firm, Seligman Brand Strategies), who’s passionate about everything TAGG has become. The site was started in 2010, following a life-changing illness after my daughter was born. My short story is that I become suddenly paralyzed on my 30th birthday. The doctors determined I have transverse myelitis, a 1/1 million neurological condition. After a month in the hospital, and many more of physical therapy and lots of medicine, I started my PR firm and the blog, and haven’t looked back since! I’m grateful each day that I can do what I love. Yes, it’s insane trying to get it all done but I’ve learned you do what you can and just enjoy every second.

I have an obsession with all things gold, pink and stripes, fun necklaces, the florida gators, fab flats, traveling, weekends by the pool, and playing on instagram. My favorite part about blogging has been connecting with so many other bloggers and readers — real women around the country that I would have never met otherwise. It’s out-of-this world amazing… if I’m being honest.

Say hi, comment, tweet, pin, like, etc (it makes so me happy!). Have a question or blog post idea? Email me: [email protected].

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  • http://pencilskirtsandlattes.blogspot.com/ Pencil Skirts and Lattes

    Hi Alyson! Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I love this blog! SO glad I found it!! :)


  • Ermi

    New to your blog and LOVING it!!! :D

  • Crystal

    I almost felt like I was reading MY about me - Florida girl, Gators, nutella, traveling, people watching!!! :) Loving the blog!

    • Alyson

      hahaha, we are blogger besties already! :)

  • http://Earthygurl.com Marian

    Just found your blog through Neris! Excited to see more! Have a wonderful weekend:)

    • Alyson

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Eager to visit your blog, too.

  • Pepper

    Hello Alyson,
    Just found your blog through Pinterest which by the way is my latest Addiction.
    I am originally from Florida and a HUGE Gators fan also !!!!!!! Go Gators !!! I love your ideas and your passion to do this on top of all the other craziness in life. Go YOU !!!!! I look forward to seeing more to come as I am a total do it yourselfer. Have a wonderful week.
    _ Pepper

    • Alyson

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Loving Pinterest as well. Go Gators! I’m not a total DIYer but I suggest you totally check out Stripes & Sequins, I Spy DIY and Love Maegan. Three of my favorites for inspiration!

  • Judy

    Just found your blog via penny pincher and you’re cute!!! I like this blog, so will ck up all things of the average girl, most everyday. I’m 49, but still a girl, and a Texan!!!  Thanks for offering up all the info. to us average girls everywhere.

  • Savannahfuller

    i love this already cant wait to get started

  • Lauren

    I love your blog and thinks it’s incredible you are able to keep up with it along with a full time job and a family. Do you have any tips for how to carve out time to run a successful blog? Thanks!

    • Alyson

      Hi Lauren, thank you! It is a bit of a magical feat to keep it all running. I do the best I can and my biggest tip of late, is if you can’t do a post, don’t kill yourself. Better to do three amazing posts each week rather than 5 ‘eh’ posts. Also, good big visuals and a clean design hugely help! Feel free to email me anytime to chat more.

  • Steve

    Please be aware that Mrs Alyson here has enjoyed making fun of one of our greatest service men. United States Navy Seals Chris Kyle was a fine man that stood for our rights and did what he was ordered. You are disgusting ma’am! You joule renounce your citizenship and leave this country

  • http://twitter.com/austinmhanson14 Austin Adams

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  • http://twitter.com/AngelArmogida Angel Armogida Ltd

    Hi, just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love it. I’m a fashion designer & blogger from London. I’ve browsed through so many bloggers over 30, looking for someone I feel I can relate to (I’m 29 - but all the blogs I ever come across are by 20 year olds) and I really like your style of writing and the things you write about. Will be following you on Twitter, etc. Angel xx

  • claudiajustsaying

    Alyson, Our local paper, News Journal in Daytona/Palm Coast area had an article by Staci Sturrock, The Palm Beach Post about your blog. The head line “From adversity, blogger reaches top”. Although I’m 65 was intrigued since I blog at http://www.claudiajustsaying.com. I’m now a follower. Congratulations on your success…just saying, Claudia

  • Megan DeBoer

    Big fan of you and your blog. I’m just starting out but loving the blogger community already. Here’s mine http://www.pearlsandoxfords.com