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DIY Kiss Belt with Scotch Duct Tape

Red lips are a print I’ve already adored — in style, in art, in any form — for years, yet this average girl has never been totally sure she can pull it off in a major way. So when I saw the Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape print I knew it was my opportunity to create something I could wear for a little sexy sass…. and a belt perfectly bit the bill. I mean how good is this print??  I’m so smitten, and perk: this DIY is so easy that even this DIY + time-time challenged gal easily pulled it off!

DIY Kiss Belt with Scotch Duct Tape


Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape in Pucker Up, Black and Red
Scotch Precision Scissors (ps: most amazing/best cutting scissors!)
Black belt (this one is flat, good width and under $10)

DIY Kiss Belt with Scotch Duct Tape

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diy jewelry box

May 15, 2013

Wishing Erin lived closer so I could give her a mah-jor hug for this one! Check out her easy and creative DIY  jewelry storage solution… that would also make an amazing, heartfelt gift! It makes me want to make this, this or this even more to start filling this cutie up!

Hey TAGG readers! I’m back from over at Thanks, I Made It with a new DIY for you. When you’re an absolute jewelry fiend like me and my girl Alyson here, you tend to crave solutions to store your baubles just as much as your next statement necklace. With my ever-growing collection of rings and earrings (lots of DIY earrings over at Thanks, I Made It!), I need a clear way to organize and display them that is pretty and functional.

Tools and materials:
Velvet or other soft, cushiony fabric (I used a long piece 6 1/2 x 54 inches, folded in half)
Foam core
Small box (this one from a baublebar purchase!)
Craft knife and/or scissors
Decorative paper
Hot glue and glue gun

Check out how easily this box transforms in the pictures and tutorial after the jump…{you know you’re curious!}
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Welcome back DIY contributor, Erin, of Thanks, I Made It, for a bracelet I am so ready to add to my arm stack (would love this with my white MK watch!) to add a little color to any outfit. Don’t worry if this matches… just leave it on for the long haul… err, at least until mid-September. Take it away, Erin….

DIY Crystal Bracelets

ERIN: When I saw this bracelet from Chan Luu, I knew I had my next DIY. Spring is around the corner, and what better heralds in the season than a brightly woven piece of wrist wear? (PS- you could easily use extra crystals to make these earrings with these simple steps!) You could use a single color of cord, but I like playing with two different colors for a bright look.

Tools and materials:

Colored cord (mine is from Michael’s)
Baguette or rectangle shaped crystals/rhinestones in sew-on setting (I used these)
Clear nail polish (optional, but helpful!)


DIY elastic hair ties || THe Average Girl's Guide

Ya know the elastic hair ties in a million colors that everyone wears around their wrist? There’s a good chance they’re Emi-Jay, the “designer” elastic hair brand that  can cost $10-$12 for just five, max. I’ve been wanting to make a more affordable version — and headbands, too — when my good friend P suggested I do so, and led me to an Etsy shop selling satin elastic. Perfect! This is the fastest DIY, and doesn’t require much patience or attention (so hint: you can watch the housewives, or kardashians, at the same time). All about the smart multi-tasking!

All you need:

  • Yards of satin elastic, 5/8″ wide (I purchased 10, one of each color, there’s dozens, at Elastics by the Yard)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (but you can get away without)

DIY elastic hair ties || THe Average Girl's Guide

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