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This average gal, a mom of a 4-year old girl and eight-month old boy, has learned a lot about diaper bag essentials over the years! Pop on over to one of TAGG’s blogging bff’s, Glitter Inc. to read what’s in my diaper bag. Can’t live without these items.


Let me start off by saying if you are on Instagram and are not yet following Erika (@styleactivist), you are kinda majorly missing out.  The girl makes the healthiest dishes look like meals you want to jump through your phone to eat (minor accomplishment!) and she does so in a way that also educates her followers in the process. Watching her fuel her body (yup, I eat, she fuels) was a major catalyst why I realized I needed to stop playing the numbers game and start focusing on how my body felt. It’s remarkable how much she has taught herself and how much she’s grown in the process.

Style Activist,

This Philly girl’s posts during Feel Fit February have been so informative (first, opening up about her weight, and then this week, the truth about her eating style; I’ve been so curious!). Now, check out her responses to our questions…. {and thanks again to Erika for stopping by!}

Tell me about yourself, Twitter style… 140 characters or less.

I’m energetic, strong, passionate, and always dressed to kale.

Style Activist, Erika

What does Feel Fit February mean to you?

It’s about spreading the word that numbers don’t necessarily translate to health. Just because you are 110 lbs doesn’t mean that your insides look good - there’s so much more to it than weight. Keep Reading —>>


Meet: V of Grit & Glamour

February 7, 2013

As part of Feel Fit February I am so excited to introduce you to V of Grit & Glamour, one of the two inspirational bloggers TAGG is partnering with for the month. Warning that her answers below are so good (+ hugely helpful!). Reasons I adore V: Not only she was one of the first “bigger” bloggers I discovered two years ago, I have always adored her honesty and that she would always, always reply to my comments and tweets. Last year on Instagram I began to notice her transformation. Following her 40th birthday (yes, this is the bod of a 40-year old! amazing), she started a new way of eating, sharing with her readers as she learned. Again, I appreciatied her honesty, including her struggles as well as how powerful she felt as she recognized her smokin’ bod look even hotter. I mean, how gorgeous is she? In love on so many levels. Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll be on her bandwagon soon enough.

Grit & Glamour

Tell TAGG about yourself, Twitter style… 140 characters or less.

I hope when people interact with me, they discover that I am strong, intelligent, engaging, funny, thoughtful, trustworthy, and well-spoken.

What does feel fit February mean to you?

I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to be REAL about fitness and health, to share what I have learned, and learn from others. Especially since January is often about resolutions, February is a good month to keep the momentum by focusing on our health, rather than the number on the scale alone.

What was the turning point for you in terms of transforming your lifestyle this last year?

Turning 40 in June. Although I had been working out three-to-five times a week, religiously since age 35, my health wasn’t any better. In fact, it was worse. Nothing too serious, but a lot happened in that five years, and just working out, yo-yo-ing in terms of weight, and focusing strictly on NUMBERS…the scale, my dress size…wasn’t fixing the eczema I developed, my inability to lose weight, etc. I needed to find an answer because even an allergist couldn’t give me one.


The Woman: Dana Weiss

April 6, 2012

Welcome to the second installment of The Woman, an introduction to phenomenal, accomplished women.

I don’t think this girl fully realizes it, but I’m totally smitten by her smart, snarky, hilarous posts and tweets where she dishes and rants about who’s wearing what on your favorite tv series and reality shows. Meet Dana Weiss, founder of Possessionista fashion blog. I find myself totally drawn to her posts even if it’s about a show I don’t watch. I just love discovering who’s wearing what brands and clearly a lot of women are with me… her blog has skyrocketed and I’m thriled she’s here visiting TAGG. Absolutely love her “never, ever” and what every woman should own. Just proves how much Dana knows her stuff. 

I am and my business/position is:
Founder of

My style, in just a few words:
Sequins. Denim. And lots of accessories.

Every woman should own:
Shoes that make her feel thin. Jeans that make her look thin.

My beauty routine includes:
Cetaphil. Face lotion. Blush. And mascara.

I feel like a rock star when I wear:

One thing that always makes me smile:
When people get sent home on the Bachelor.

My three favorite places to shop:
Aritzia. Cusp. The grocery store.

I can’t get work done because I’m always on these web sites:
Hulu. Twitter. Facebook.

Professionally, I’ve learned that:
It’s not personal.

Food craving usually includes:  

My go-to breakfast (lunch or dinner!):
Coffee. (sushi. And sushi.)

I manage it all (or most!) by:
Depending on my saner husband.

Never, ever:
Buy clothes too small because of the size on the tag.

Every woman should be:

What I’ve learned that I wish I knew five years ago:
I didn’t have real problems.

Words to live by:
I can’t be responsible for what you think of me. I can only be responsible for what I think of me.

Want more of her smart answers? Visit Dana at Possessionista.

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