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With the weather starting to change in some climates, facial moisturizer is as important as ever to combat dry and dull skin. I’ve been on the hunt for a fantastic new option so I was thrilled when so many of you weighed in recently to TAGG’s impromptu Facebook poll inquiring about your favorite picks. The options run the gamut, from the classic to organic to more luxe finds you swear by. Must mention that three of you swear by pure coconut oil, which is said to absorb surprisingly well and is certainly an affordable, multi-tasking find that has so many benefits.

best face moisturizers

Drugstore Favorites: Aveeno // Cetaphil // Cerave (big fav!) // Olay // Simple

Must Haves Under $50: Clinique (dry skin or combination)// Kiehl’s //Benefit (love the packaging!) //  OSEA


beauty buzz: hair edition

August 8, 2014

I’m kind of in a hair crisis. I need your help. I used to have the crazy thickest hair, like insanely thick, and after baby and then my illness I lost sooo much hair. I mean, I was legit concerned I’d go bald. Four years later, it’s in way better shape yet I just chopped off four inches to get rid of gross ends where my hair gets sparse looking so quickly. My roots are thick yet the ends are just wisps. Even my new stylist is a bit mystified. I just started taking biotin but anything else you recommend? Open to suggestions!

In the interim, here are four hair finds I (and my girl, who does have crazy thick, long hair!) can’t live without:

favorite new hair finds // the average girl's guide


Acure Organics Morrocan Oil Shampoo & ConditionerI tried this shampoo on a whim (I do love flexing my Amazon Prime memberships!) after searching for a more natural, safer option for myself and my daughter… the reviews were positive, the ingredient list looked good, and worse case, I was out $10. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve since purchased the conditioner and just bought a second set for my kid’s bathroom. It lathers well (often a challenge with organic lines) and is super hydrating; plus, the conditioner does a great job at detangling. My hair feels clean and soft. I haven’t been this excited about new products in a long time (and feel so much better that my scalp isn’t somehow ingesting so many chemicals!).

Wet Brush (color options here): major victory! Combing my daughter’s long hair is a daily tear/screamfest around here. Not sure who it’s more painful for. We picked this up at the salon after our stylist recommended it; it’s a game changer! I just ordered a second one (yes, on Amazon!) for my shower, because this detangles our daughter’s hair so amazingly well compared to others and without pain when wet, and dry. Worth. Every. Penny. She actually brought my her brush yesterday… if you only knew how significant that was.

Ouidad Climate Control Gel: this brand is designed for curly hair girls, but I tried it last year to combat frizz and humidity and all the hair icks. I immediately saw a difference and still do. It’s the only thing I put in my hair after shower (though I have been rotating with the Neutrogena heat protector from this post). It’s ultra light-weight, and the bottle lasts forever. Available at Amazon and Sephora. Anyone use any similar natural products that work? Would love to hear.


Neutrogena Logo

When it comes to being damaged, my hair sadly knows a thing or two. The ends of my hair are really prone to splitting and my blow drying, hair ironing and now curling/wave-inducing habits (sorry, heat-damaged hair!) certainly don’t help my frustrating damaged hair situation. I recognize that I need to pay closer attention, particularly because my hair in recent years is so much thinner than it used to be so the split ends look more apparent, with all my hair looking more dried and fried. Ironically, it’s why I’ve adored the wavier hair look — thus, creating a vicious cycle — since the ends are not as obvious when they’re curled compared to straight.

Neutrogena just debuted a new trio of products, dubbed Professional Triple Repair, so no time like the present to test and report back to you. The results show it can mend 97% of spilt ends in one use, and reduce breakage by 80%, so those are claims I’m happy to take on a hair test. I could use stronger, smoother and more moisture-rich looking hair ASAP.

Triple Repair Group Photo DETAILS: The system includes Neutrogena Professional Triple Repair Fortifying Shampoo, Neutrogena Professional Triple Repair Fortifying Conditioner, and the Neutrogena Professional Triple Repair Fortifying Leave-In Treatment. Use all three for maximum results, with ongoing treatment repairing the three leading signs of hair damage: mending split ends, strengthening brittle hair and protecting from breakage. Hair is also protected against heat styling over 400 degrees. <— key!

THE REAL DEAL: I’ve been using the trio for two weeks now, washing during the week about every three to four days, and daily on the weekends (after the gym). I honestly noticed a difference after the first use, primarily in softness and fullness of my hair — the ends didn’t look as noticeable as usual after the blow dry and hair straightening treatment. The shampoo and conditioner are ultra luxe and silky feeling. I find I need less than brands I’ve used recently, so I anticipate these bottles will last me a while.

After the shampoo and conditioner, I put a small drop of the Leave-In Treatment focused on my ends and then lightly everywhere, styling as usual. I haven’t felt the need to add extra product in before drying, and then, probably more from habit, add my usual oil before walking out the door. That’s it.

WORTH TRYING? Vote for a yes. Particularly if you’ve been battling dry or damaged looking hair, perhaps also from sun, chlorine or the weather, this could be a great solution. My hair feels noticeably softer, without getting greasy. I like going a few days between washes — which also helps reduce some heat damage — so glad to see the moisture isn’t translating to a greasy head!

WANT TO TEST? I’m giving one reader a system to test for themselves! Super simple: just leave a comment on this post here with which of these hair threats you battle the most. That’s it. Contest ends, Wednesday, July 23 at midnight EST.


PS: For more tips and hair scoop, be sure to “like” Neutrogena on Facebook, or check out the brand’s Triple Repair Hair Care Center, which features amazing hair tips from expert stylist, stylist Sam Leonardi.

neutrogena triple repair banner

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Single Edition Media, on behalf of Neutrogena. Opinions are 100 percent my own; I’m impressed with the results I’ve seen with this hair system. Thank you for supporting brands that support TAGG! 


Every few months I love checking in here with my favorite new beauty finds. I’m an average girl. I’m not the best at applying make-up, doing my hair or testing out a million products to figure out the right one. Find me a good one, and I’ll buy you forever. That said, I’ve been in the market for a few new products (others running low, etc) and with summer on the horizon now’s the time to switch up the routine and make sure you’re using what works, and will last through any heat wave. Trust me: a Florida girl knows the drill. I’ll continue to share new favorites as the season progresses, but with Memorial Day this weekend, here’s a few beauty finds to add to your list for summer…

Summer 2014 Beauty Finds

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