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August 8, 2014

I’m kind of in a hair crisis. I need your help. I used to have the crazy thickest hair, like insanely thick, and after baby and then my illness I lost sooo much hair. I mean, I was legit concerned I’d go bald. Four years later, it’s in way better shape yet I just chopped off four inches to get rid of gross ends where my hair gets sparse looking so quickly. My roots are thick yet the ends are just wisps. Even my new stylist is a bit mystified. I just started taking biotin but anything else you recommend? Open to suggestions!

In the interim, here are four hair finds I (and my girl, who does have crazy thick, long hair!) can’t live without:

favorite new hair finds // the average girl's guide


Acure Organics Morrocan Oil Shampoo & ConditionerI tried this shampoo on a whim (I do love flexing my Amazon Prime memberships!) after searching for a more natural, safer option for myself and my daughter… the reviews were positive, the ingredient list looked good, and worse case, I was out $10. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve since purchased the conditioner and just bought a second set for my kid’s bathroom. It lathers well (often a challenge with organic lines) and is super hydrating; plus, the conditioner does a great job at detangling. My hair feels clean and soft. I haven’t been this excited about new products in a long time (and feel so much better that my scalp isn’t somehow ingesting so many chemicals!).

Wet Brush (color options here): major victory! Combing my daughter’s long hair is a daily tear/screamfest around here. Not sure who it’s more painful for. We picked this up at the salon after our stylist recommended it; it’s a game changer! I just ordered a second one (yes, on Amazon!) for my shower, because this detangles our daughter’s hair so amazingly well compared to others and without pain when wet, and dry. Worth. Every. Penny. She actually brought my her brush yesterday… if you only knew how significant that was.

Ouidad Climate Control Gel: this brand is designed for curly hair girls, but I tried it last year to combat frizz and humidity and all the hair icks. I immediately saw a difference and still do. It’s the only thing I put in my hair after shower (though I have been rotating with the Neutrogena heat protector from this post). It’s ultra light-weight, and the bottle lasts forever. Available at Amazon and Sephora. Anyone use any similar natural products that work? Would love to hear.

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  • Tara

    So sorry you are having issues with your hair! Mine is super thick and frizzy, so finding anything to tame it is a mush. I literally just bought a wet brush 2 weeks ago….I don’t know how that thing works, but it does!

  • kristyq

    The Wet Brush is seriously the best little item I’ve run across in a very long time. My daughter is 6 and her hair tangles so bad at night.. plus she is a tomboy, so the thoughts of brushing it before this brush were just about as bad as it gets. I found this brush off the recommendation of another blog and now I can. not. be. without. it. I have one and so does my daughter, we LOVE them and she begs to brush her hair. Never knew a simple plastic hair brush could seriously make my mornings so much easier. P.S. my Target carries them too…I think $8.99 :) Take care and love your blog! Happy 10th Anniversary too :)

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Thanks so much, Kristy! And, I seriously need to get my hands on another Wet Brush… they’re so good! My daughter sounds like yours in the hair department… it was such a painful process. I dreaded it before!

  • Grit & Glamour™

    Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before to you or not, but Viviscal is the BEST hair/nail supplement out there. I had some major hair loss after a little medical issue + the stress of moving to Australia, and this helped me get my mane back! Worth every penny:

    Also, Rogaine for women. Once you start using it, you have to keep using it, but since we all eventually suffer hair thinning as we age, why not do everything possible to NOT have that happen!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      You’re awesome! THanks again for the tip, V.

  • Katie L

    Forgive me if this comment is way off base, but could it be something dietary? I get the impression that you eat very healthy, but perhaps you are not getting a certain nutrient? Some years ago in my brilliant college days, I decided to eat a vegan diet (bad idea!) I essentially ruined my hair. It became so thin and fragile. It took a couple years for it to all grow out again and become healthy/normal. It also ruined my fingernails. Anyways, just a thought. But you said its growing out of your roots nicely so maybe that’s not the problem :-)

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Hi Katie… always appreciate ideas! I don’t eat a ton of red meat but otherwise I think it’s pretty balanced?! I love cheese so my calcium is covered. :) … but I’m hopeful the biotin plus trying a few other things will help. THank you so, so much for mentioning diet… going to research that a bit more!

      • Katie L

        Awesome, definitely let us know if you find out anything interesting and keep us posted on the results of your other trial and error with products! :-)

  • ashleigh

    I love my tangle teaser but I want to try the wet brush.

  • Carly

    Try the lemongrass Acure shampoo/conditioner with keratin….it’s my favorite and has helped my once thick hair (started falling-out from disease and medication to treat it) start to thicken again!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Wow, really?! That’s so good to know. Will switch kinds when I’m due for another bottle… pretty soon!

  • kat at

    This sounds super gross, but try anti-fungal cream on your scalp. My hair was super thin, and since I started this trick, it came in crazy thick.

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Wow, really?! Interesting…. never heard that but anything is worth trying! So glad to hear you had good results.

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