I should pretend I own at least three pairs of these green shorts so you’d think I’m rotating between more of my wardrobe each weekend. Truth is these — along with the same in a pinky coral — are in constant rotation. I love the 4″ inseam — is it me or do shorts keep getting shorter and shorter?! — and there’s a gazillion colors, too. Plus I wear these with tons of shoes: these flip flops, neutral wedges, blue + white stripes, ikat flats, and lots more (need these!). I love navy and green together but I’m just as guilty of going classic with a white blouse or tank, a necklace and calling it a day.

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Buns and Braids

December 12, 2012

When you’re not sure what to do with your hair  - especially when December can be crazier than ever — braids and/or buns are a without-fail, chic option. As long as you have hair spray and bobby pins you’re pretty much set. Adding a little braid along the side of your head to a pony tail (I do this frequently), or pulling all of your hair in a chic bun, be it up high as a top knot (love!), down low or swept to the side, keeps it a secret that you had no time, motivation or energy to really do your hair! Don’t worry, I won’t tell if you don’t.

Buns: 1234|| Braids: 1, 2, 3, 4


Best Beauty Buys

November 8, 2012

When it comes to beauty, I’m an admitted bargain/drugstore beauty girl. Yes, I love Sephora and this is absolutely my new favorite for my face, however a majority of my beauty routine is from CVS, Target or somewhere similar. It doesn’t break the bank, it’s easy to grab on-the-go and I don’t feel guilty testing out a few colors at once.

Why does TAGG love these so much? Here’s why… 

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Summer Hairspiration

June 30, 2012

Summer is evocative of breezy summer hair, complete with braids, waves and the feeling of a free spirit. While my hair these days is either in a top knot or straightened (and then not washed for three-ish days!), I’m totally coveting some of these looks. I adore adding braids to my hair, especially in the front. Love all the braided hair styles in last year’s post and eager to try the side braid now that my hair is a bit longer. What’s your go to summer hair style?


 waves // side pony // braid with ponytail //waves //top knot // short hair with braid //red head //

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