How To: Store Make-Up Brushes & More

February 1, 2012

Make-up brushes, eye liners, lip liners and the similar can get totally lost in a big make-up bag, or stuck in those rollers and holsters/ holders that make it challenging to quickly remove them. So when I saw a  pic of this — which is similar to how Sephora does it — I knew this quick DIY solver was the answer to my challenge.

Here’s my new brush and eyeliner storage container:

{What you need}
- Vase or storage container, any shape (consider two square ones: one for eyes and one for face!)
- Glass beads: I found these at Michael’s in the floral department (called vase fillers). Get creative with colors, textures. Just avoid anything any ‘water beads’)
- Your makeup and brushes! I like keeping them separate, but that’s just the type-a gal in me. Have fun with it!


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