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June 19, 2012

Pouches are kind of amazing. My purses would be such a hot mess without them. I keep all of my gift cards and coupons in a long one by Kate Spade, and my make-up is in a gifted Prada. I just ordered a chevron pouch for some lady essentials (ps: how absurd is that expression?! Not sure how else to explain!) and I’m always looking out for more because they can be used for anything. I started organizing everything in my purse into pouches and it makes a mid-week purse transfer such a cinch, and even cuts out major time when switching to a clutch for a night out.

My latest pouch adorations? These by Rebecca Minkoff. I’ve become a huge fan of her mini mac purses (I have the black and gold, and this straw and hot pink one or classic camel? Perfection) and now as she quickly expands her brand, I’m coveting so much more. These pouches ranging from $55 to $110 (with one on sale for even less!) are such fun. Check them out: Rebecca even made sure that the lining of each pouch has a fun hue or pattern (I’m talking leopards, polka dots, you name it!).

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PS: I’m honored that Victoria of vmac+cheese invited me to share a Vent Sesh on her blog today (there’s another one here tomorrow). Click on her over to her blog to read about pressure. We call face it, right? Sometimes the pressure to be superwoman to everyone can be a bit overwhelming. My insights here.


Make-up brushes, eye liners, lip liners and the similar can get totally lost in a big make-up bag, or stuck in those rollers and holsters/ holders that make it challenging to quickly remove them. So when I saw a  pic of this — which is similar to how Sephora does it — I knew this quick DIY solver was the answer to my challenge.

Here’s my new brush and eyeliner storage container:

{What you need}
- Vase or storage container, any shape (consider two square ones: one for eyes and one for face!)
- Glass beads: I found these at Michael’s in the floral department (called vase fillers). Get creative with colors, textures. Just avoid anything any ‘water beads’)
- Your makeup and brushes! I like keeping them separate, but that’s just the type-a gal in me. Have fun with it!


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Little motivational post to encourage you to start the new year with not only resolutions you want to keep, but a wardrobe that make you feel your best. Take advantage of your last day or two to pack up what you don’t need and donate it for a nice tax write-off (perk!)! I try to clean out my closet every four to six months just to stay on top of it.

Go through every single item in your closet and ask yourself:

If it does not pass this threshold, say adios. Personally, I’m donating some pre-baby clothes that I’ve been hanging on to. I’m not that size and might never be again. If I get there, great, I’ll buy some new items. Until then, I don’t need to have those items sitting there taking up space and making me feel slightly guilty that I can’t squeeze pants past my hips and that some fitted shirts hug my tummy way too tightly now. They need to peace out. Here’s a few images from my closet (including my beloved new hangers on the left!)


Once you purge, make an effort in 2012 to create the wardrobe you really want. A few tips for what you have:

- To determine what you’re really wearing, turn the hanger around after wearing something. After two months, take inventory of what hasn’t been worn and determine why. It might be a seasonal thing or it might be that you don’t really wear it. Consider how you might style it, or put it in your donation pile.

- Only buy if it fits you perfectly, or is an easy alteration you are willing to make pronto. If pants pull at the crotch, if shirts are baggy in the chest or are too tight, do not buy.

- To get more use out of your closet, I’ve said this before… pick three items every week that you want to wear and leave those at the front of your closet. Commit yourself to integrating them into one of your looks. It’s a great way to make use of items that can hide in the back of your closet.


When buying, a few recommendations…

- Consider how you can style a potential new item. You could have found the coolest new blazer but if you’re a fab stay-at-home-mama who’s mostly in casual gear or work clothes, is your money better suited on something else? Are you going to wear this?

- Only buy if you absolutely LOVE. It doesn’t matter if it’s $8, discounted from $200. You’re not saving $192, you’re still spending $8 so consider if you need it and it makes you feel like a million bucks. Or, is it just another lame t-shirt when you should be saving those $8 toward that denim button down you really want (reminder to self!)?

- Lastly, a reminder to RID YOURSELF OF THE “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” SYNDROME {discussed here}. When you feel this way, write down the item you wish you had. When you’re shopping it’s much easier to stick to what you need if you see it in writing. Otherwise it’s easy to get distracted by the sales and other simply cute items.


Wishing you a wonderful, ultra fashionable and happy 2012!


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