Best of the Web 1.20.13

January 20, 2013

1.20.13_edited-1 Yup, another one bit the dust: After sharing in last week’s round-up that my daughter got the flu, it got the best of me. While it wasn’t as terrible as some, it definitely knocked me out and I’m still trying to regain my energy. On top of that, it was an insane work week and this week will be no different. Last night we had fun double date for tapas and to see Les Mis; so, so good! Anyone else see it?? Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and enjoy a few of my favorite links here:

This “detox in a bowl” recipe is a must. Is it weird that I think I’m already addicted and I haven’t even tried it yet?!

If you are a fashion/style blogger — or read a lot of them — you will die over this post. Seriously, laugh-out-loud amusing.

Now here’s a simple DIY that would look totally chic on my — or your! — arm. #mustmake

How one make-up artist did up a celeb with only all-natural products (love it!). Check out her favorites.

Best week after getting a shout out on by Jenni after she used this post (TAGG’s most popular!) as inspiration. Amazing.

This house has so many details I adore, the personal feel, interesting details, it’s a must see {image above}

Wishing Megan had snuck into my house this morning to make this; would make Sunday so much better, right?

DEAL: Can’t stop thinking about this luxe-for-less sweaters. I mean, under $30?! Might get both colors!

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  • PinQue

    Thanks Alyson, I feel honored to be included in your weekly roundup!

  • The Fashionable ESQ

    Oooh! This was a fun post - I loved looking at all of the links! :)

  • ashleigh

    I loved the “fashion blogger must have’s” Alas, I am without the bag, boots, and watch as I haven’t found them at Goodwill yet! But I am definitely making that bracelet.

  • Kayla Wallace Gilbert

    Loveee the foil sweater and I too laughed at the fashion blogger post! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! : )

  • victoria | vmac+cheese

    Thanks so much for the link love, A! And yes, you will be addicted!!! :)

  • amanda

    Wowza. Loving these links. Looking through them now. Thanks!!! I love a good heads up on links.


  • jool26

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