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Best of the Web 1.20.13

January 20, 2013

1.20.13_edited-1 Yup, another one bit the dust: After sharing in last week’s round-up that my daughter got the flu, it got the best of me. While it wasn’t as terrible as some, it definitely knocked me out and I’m still trying to regain my energy. On top of that, it was an insane work week and this week will be no different. Last night we had fun double date for tapas and to see Les Mis; so, so good! Anyone else see it?? Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and enjoy a few of my favorite links here:

This “detox in a bowl” recipe is a must. Is it weird that I think I’m already addicted and I haven’t even tried it yet?!

If you are a fashion/style blogger — or read a lot of them — you will die over this post. Seriously, laugh-out-loud amusing.

Now here’s a simple DIY that would look totally chic on my — or your! — arm. #mustmake

How one make-up artist did up a celeb with only all-natural products (love it!). Check out her favorites.

Best week after getting a shout out on by Jenni after she used this post (TAGG’s most popular!) as inspiration. Amazing.

This house has so many details I adore, the personal feel, interesting details, it’s a must see {image above}

Wishing Megan had snuck into my house this morning to make this; would make Sunday so much better, right?

DEAL: Can’t stop thinking about this luxe-for-less sweaters. I mean, under $30?! Might get both colors!


Best of the Web 11.4.12

November 4, 2012

What a month! How is it November already?! Work was crazy extremely intense this past month (though great!) and I’m now in full prep mode for my daughter’s third birthday (gymnastics party with Little Mermaid theme!) and preparing her “big girl room.” All right before Thanksgiving, and I’m hoping to end this month with a new car, too… my 2004 Ford Escape is not doing so hot so we’ll be car shopping next weekend. Cannot wait! Any loves for a mini SUV?

Here’s my favorite reads of the week:

A comprehensive guide to perfectly roll your jeans… with any footwear!

There is something so absolutely charming about this home (with salmon colored walls).

Adoring my girl Grace’s blog redesign + appreciating her honest words about living in NYC after Sandy.

In love with all these super chic buys under $100.

What a great, easy DIY for a custom gift for a little babe (and so smart how she made the polka dots!).

Now this is how to layer in cooler climates.

Wishing a happy wedding weekend to the super talented Victoria! Cannot wait to see details from the wedding.

BUYS: This b+w chevron blouse is beautiful (get 30 percent off entire store, code FRIENDSNOV!)…. and my obsession-worthy Old Navy rockstar skinnies are now in so many more colors and styles, including these with side zippers… and most are on sale (plus, use code ONTAKE25 for an extra 25% off!).


Best of the Web 10.27.12

October 28, 2012

For a girl who is cardigan obsessed you think I would have tried this little style trick already. At least this blogger is also a redhead named Allison!

Massive Halloween candy guide + some smart-for-you-recipes. Hungry Girl is my jam.

Just discovered Lowe’s Bloggers Network. If you want affordable  home ideas, these women will rock your world.

If only I had a fireplace  like one of these to cozy up to at night…

Want the perfect gold necklace? This is what I’ve been searching for and here Erin (TAGG’s DIY contributor!) made it in like one second. Nice.

Needs: I stumbled across these cozies and. cannot. stop. thinking. about. them. Help!  Also, torrential rain has me aching for these again. I need to take the plunge. Only debate, which color? (I have it narrowed to black, grey, dark green or eggplant… ha!).

Purchased: this black studded bag from Forever 21 after seeing it on Aly’s blog. Looks amazing + major bargain.

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