Welcome back DIY contributor, Erin, of Thanks, I Made It, for a bracelet I am so ready to add to my arm stack (would love this with my white MK watch!) to add a little color to any outfit. Don’t worry if this matches… just leave it on for the long haul… err, at least until mid-September. Take it away, Erin….

DIY Crystal Bracelets

ERIN: When I saw this bracelet from Chan Luu, I knew I had my next DIY. Spring is around the corner, and what better heralds in the season than a brightly woven piece of wrist wear? (PS- you could easily use extra crystals to make these earrings with these simple steps!) You could use a single color of cord, but I like playing with two different colors for a bright look.

Tools and materials:

Colored cord (mine is from Michael’s)
Baguette or rectangle shaped crystals/rhinestones in sew-on setting (I used these)
Clear nail polish (optional, but helpful!)
how to make a bling bracelet

Cut each color of cord into a 54-inch piece. Knot the strings together so that you have a tail of each color at least 9 inches long, with two long tails.

how to make a crystal bracelet

 Tape the knot end in place, and then secure the short tails of string to your surface as well. At this point, it’s helpful to rub a drop of clear nail polish onto each short end of the string and allow to dry. This will prevent the string from fray.


Begin knotting the string using a basic square macrame knot. You can check out a video on it here. The trick to a two-colored macrame is that you want to always use the same color string to make the first loop (in my case, orange), alternating sides for each knot like in the photos above. By doing so, I kept the strings in the middle orange and the loops along the edge pink.

Rhinestone DIY bracelet

Once you’ve knotted about 2 inches of your bracelet, slide one of the sew-on crystals onto the short center strings by threading through the holes in the setting. Form a knot around the crystal.

Rhinestone DIY bracelet

Pull the knot tightly, then tie a second knot. Add a second crystal like before. Continue alternating knots and crystals until you’ve added enough.

Rhinestone DIY bracelet

Finish off the bracelet with more square macrame knots. Tie all four loose ends of string together into a simple double knot and that’s it!

















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