DIY Tassel Bead Bracelet

January 9, 2013

Welcome back Erin of the amazing, cool (and budget friendly!) DIY style blog, Thanks, I Made It! (have you visited lately?) with an awesome new bracelet for 2013…

If you’ve been following Thanks, I Made It, I don’t need to tell you my affinity for tassels, you’ve seen it here and here. I may be on the verge of needing a tassel intervention, but let me just share one more project with you. This Shashi seed bead bracelet was calling my name, and I loved the little rainbow of tassels. Last time, I promise.

Tools and materials:
Small black beads
Small gold beads
Binder clip
Stretch beading cord (I used .5mm)
Thin, flexible wire (I used beading wire)
Embroidery thread, in your choice of colors

Cut the stretch cord into a length that is twice as long as it takes to wrap around your wrist, plus an extra 3-4 inches. Thread the cord through the needle, doubling it. Clip the loose ends with the binder clip.

Begin stringing the beads using the needle. I used a pattern of 11 to 12 black beads, a gold bead, then black beads again. I made a total of 5 sections of black beads and 5 gold beads.

Tie the loose ends (needle and clip sides) together in a tight double knot. I then trimmed the string and added a drop of glue to the knot, sliding a bead over the knot.

Cut 5 pieces of embroidery thread about 8 inches long.

Double a single piece of thread, and loop it over the wire loop, shown above.

Use the wire to feed through a gold bead.

Slide the bead down onto the thread, making a loop of embroidery thread. Remove the wire.

Place the loop around one of the gold beads on the bracelet. Wrap the loop around the bracelet bead, and push the bead through the loop and pull tight. Add a drop of glue (using the toothpick) to the thread, and place the bead at the top of the tassel.

Repeat for the other strands of embroidery thread.

That’s it! Be sure to follow Thanks, I Made It for more DIY fun every week- you can keep up on Twitter, Facebook, or Bloglovin‘!

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  • The Fashionable ESQ

    How cute is this DIY? Thanks for sharing new & great bloggers, Alyson.


    The Fashionable ESQ

  • Kim // Six2Eleven

    Very cute! I really start making my own jewelry so I can start saving some money!

  • Terri K

    Need to go to Michael’s ASAP & add these materials to my DIY project bin so I can make some of these! They are LOOOOVELY. Thanks for this one!

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