I’m wondering, how often do you wash your hair? I’ve had this conversation over and over with friends so I’ve been curious to put it out to all of you. I’m asking because I’m that girl who couldn’t go more than a day without feeling like my hair was so freaking oily and gross. Fast forward five years, I can go up to five days! I actually like my hair better on day four than on day two; and yes, each day has hair that totally takes on a life of her own.

I started five years ago trying to stretch the time between washes when I was pregnant because every expectant mother is terrified into thinking she’ll never have a moment to shower daily, or least wash her hair. I grew out my beloved bangs and started wearing my hair back on day two. At first it felt gross but as time went on it honestly was less and less greasy feeling.

Now, I wash my hair with this organic, affordable shampoo and conditioner, and extend my washes by wearing my hair straight for the first and second days, using this iron that I love and have had for years, and then on days 3 and 4 (and can even push it to day 5), use my favorite curling iron to create loose waves. My hair actually won’t hold a wave or curl on the first two days — it just falls — because there’s not enough oil so it’s fun to mix it up, and I always plan accordingly when we have big events, family photos or anything. Even if I want to get my hair professionally blown out, I often go on day three, which ensures the hair will hold (and saves me $5-$10 in washing).

I’m not saying I have this system perfected but a few things I’ve realized by watching the professionals is less is more; I used to put so much more styling crap in my hair than I do now. My stylist hardly puts any product in my hair so I started doing the same. Just enough to tame. I use just a little bit of this on damp hair, let it naturally dry as much as possible so avoid extra heat damage before blow drying. When it’s dry, I use a drop of this, focused on the ends. That’s it. Don’t use dry shampoo until you absolutely need it, otherwise I find it actually makes my hair/scalp feel dirty.

Going the top knot or braid route as you’re trying to extend your washes is critical. I should also confess I don’t hit the gym daily otherwise this would never work. I try go to Wednesday nights and on the weekends, and can mix in lighter activity in between. This time of year is the best because summer is Florida means 5 days out can be a scary scene. I know everyone’s hair textures and style is so different. Family with thinner hair have a harder time, where a friend with spiral curls absolutely can’t wash more than once a week.

Do you have any tips that have worked for you? Let me know here or on social, and love seeing any fab ‘dos you can create as well.shampoo