Sometimes on a Monday you need a little something to get through, to keep you going, to see the light toward Friday. I know you guys loved this earrings when I posted them on Facebook a few weeks ago so had to share here since they’re now available in a springy coral. They’re the exact replica of these Kate Spade gum drop earrings that retail for $36… it’s total no brainer! I also love that they’re actually a little lighter on your ear than the solid KS — and for only $8 shipped. Amazing.

I hate to come across pushy but all three of these are so fun for spring! I’m partial to the turquoise — I own nothing like it! — so they’re en route to me as we speak. I saw them in store in neutral and loved them big time, plus who can blame a girl for needing a little $8 pick-me-up and also wanting a packaged delivered? #thebest  // As a heads up, as many of you know, Nordstrom has a great return policy so even if something happens a year from now, they always accommodate.

Kate Spade Earrings… nearly identical for $8!

shop the BP gemstone earrings here! // and, then go have a great Monday! #girlboss