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IMG_5097With two kids, it’s probably obvious I’m always on the move. Some days can be exhausting but we’ve found it important to be active with our family in ways that are natural and fun, instead of feeling forced. Since our daughter is a picky eater, we’ve found moving is key to a healthy lifestyle as a family, in addition to integrating healthy eating whenever we can (hello, whole grains instead of the white stuff!).

I was overweight as a child so I’m trying to make a more conscious effort to integrate a healthy lifestyle through exercise, diet and hydration so they becomes positive habits as our kids get older.

A few things that work for us:

1. Play time! Instead of staying inside where it’s so easy to be sedentary we try to hit up an expansive park with plenty to do, requiring a variety of movements and muscles. It’s a fun family activity or even a play date with friends.

2. Bring food with you everywhere! I’m always packing almonds, fruits (we love strawberries and bananas, and I’m addicted to pineapple) and portion-controlled bags so an entire bag of pretzel goldfish doesn’t wind up in my bag.


3. Ok, bring H2O, too! This one is a big deal. Last year I officially gave up soda and artificial sugar-filled beverages in favor of water. Due to my bladder challenges, I have to be really careful with liquid intake so eliminating the artificial stuff for water has made a huge difference. It’s all about quality over quantity; I feel hydrated, it keeps me full longer and my skin looks better. Carrying Nestle Pure Life Water 12 oz. bottles is great so I can easily put them in my tote, in my workout bag or the diaper bag on the weekends.


3. I regularly go to the gym, and have fun showing my daughter how proud I am as a woman to have muscles. I also ask to see her muscles! It’s important she sees that I take time out for myself in healthy ways (instead of being so focused on eating) so she understands the value of taking care of her body.

 4. Get outside. My husband, on Saturday mornings, loves to grab the stroller, our little guy, and water and head out for a few miles outdoors. They get quality time, he gets his fitness in (and mama gets a little time around the house!). It’s a win/win.

5. Minimize the snacking. I’ll admit this is a tough one. Our daughter is a perpetual snacker, and we’re realizing where she gets it from (points to herself). We’re focusing on less snacking, and more quality, fulfilling  meals with a great balance of proteins, fruits, veggies and starch.

Ok, now your turn! How do you keep your family healthy? It’s always hard with kids, so I would love you to share in the comments section.


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