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The Woman: Dana Weiss

April 6, 2012

Welcome to the second installment of The Woman, an introduction to phenomenal, accomplished women.

I don’t think this girl fully realizes it, but I’m totally smitten by her smart, snarky, hilarous posts and tweets where she dishes and rants about who’s wearing what on your favorite tv series and reality shows. Meet Dana Weiss, founder of Possessionista fashion blog. I find myself totally drawn to her posts even if it’s about a show I don’t watch. I just love discovering who’s wearing what brands and clearly a lot of women are with me… her blog has skyrocketed and I’m thriled she’s here visiting TAGG. Absolutely love her “never, ever” and what every woman should own. Just proves how much Dana knows her stuff. 

I am and my business/position is:
Founder of

My style, in just a few words:
Sequins. Denim. And lots of accessories.

Every woman should own:
Shoes that make her feel thin. Jeans that make her look thin.

My beauty routine includes:
Cetaphil. Face lotion. Blush. And mascara.

I feel like a rock star when I wear:

One thing that always makes me smile:
When people get sent home on the Bachelor.

My three favorite places to shop:
Aritzia. Cusp. The grocery store.

I can’t get work done because I’m always on these web sites:
Hulu. Twitter. Facebook.

Professionally, I’ve learned that:
It’s not personal.

Food craving usually includes:  

My go-to breakfast (lunch or dinner!):
Coffee. (sushi. And sushi.)

I manage it all (or most!) by:
Depending on my saner husband.

Never, ever:
Buy clothes too small because of the size on the tag.

Every woman should be:

What I’ve learned that I wish I knew five years ago:
I didn’t have real problems.

Words to live by:
I can’t be responsible for what you think of me. I can only be responsible for what I think of me.

Want more of her smart answers? Visit Dana at Possessionista.


Latest and Greatest

November 30, 2011

TAGG’s here’s today with a few new borderline stalker obsessions. Check them out to test for yourself.


1. Canon Rebel. I jumped on the DSLR bandwagon on Black Friday when I scooped up the T3 version. Without stellar photog skills, I’m already in love. The quality and detail of the photos are outta this world, even with the auto function. Handy because who has time to read a manual? :) For nights out, I’m always with my faithful Canon Elph 300 (so tiny! Fits in my back pocket or clutch).

2. Luna Protein Bars. These have become my new on-the-go snack bars, breakfast bars… and just, I’m starving bars! Since I’m avoiding extra fiber (doctors orders), these 180-calorie, protein-packed bars (they have 12 grams!) in delish flavors like cookie dough and peanut butter/chocolate have quickly become necessities for my pantry and to toss-in-my-purse. They’re sooo good.

 3. BaubleBar necklace.  Sorry: this is such a tease because you can only get this BB necklace with earned points (through purchases or referrals), however I had to share because when I wear it, I’m bombarded with compliments (rough life, right? hah) and questions where to purchase. It’s BaubleBar, my online obsesh for quality (affordable) jewelry. In less than a year it seems like it’s exploded on the scene… every major mag has at least an item they covet each issue, and I agree! An awesome site for holiday gift giving and best of all, new customers get $10 off their first purchase! PS: check out its super handy ring sizer.

4. Cozy pj pants. Not the sexiest, but what average gal doesn’t lurrrrvvveee cozy pj pants?! While I have my some Victoria’s Secret and pricier pairs, I must show you my new cozies from Tarjay! Holla if you’ve been to their pajama/lingerie section lately… killing. it! I scooped up these cozy fleece pants with this fun pale grey print for a measly $10 (on sale this week!), and yes… have worn them three nights in a row. Don’t judge, it’s our little secret (they are so freaking comfy!).

5. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara. While I was a Maybelline Stiletto gal for a while, I’m a convert after stumbling across this at CVS. It really plumps and adds volume to my lashes without making them clumpy. Perk: it’s less than $7.

6. MAC Viva Glam VI lip glass. Even though the more neutral Viva Glam V still has a prime position in my purse cosmetics bag (often paired with Gaga lip glass; see my review), VI has this shimmery berry hue that adds a fun pop of color. I thank the MAC artist who put it on me for my Cleopatra Halloween look. Very grateful. If shimmer is not your thing, try the lipstick version. Almost universally flattering!



Meet Sarah. An instant girl crush of mine who also realized that starting a blog after turning 30 was the perfect thing to do. Her blog, Pencil Skirts & Lattes (awesome name, right?), is an excellent recap of her personal style and how she merges it with a business professional dress code.  With a demanding career, she for years thought she had to keep buttoned up in order to climb the corporate latter, but you know what? When you’re a total smarty and dedicated to your job, brighter colors and fashionable style can work, too!

I honestly, truly love Sarah’s blog and getting to know this Nashville gal. As working girls who realized that blogging is one of the most incredible, moving experiences of our lives, I’m confident we’d instantly be chatting it up for hours. I just know it! Hah. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she has the same name as my daughter… auto love here! Be sure to check out her blog and read more about her back story here; a fascinating woman!

In the interim, here are her 5 must have ‘pre-game’ faves for the holidays. While slightly random, these are her go-tos to get her in the spirit one step at a time. In her words, here are Sarah’s must haves…

 Christmas movies. So these aren’t all Christmas movies, necessarily… just really great movies that I love that remind me of Christmas. I always start watching them around this time of year and love them.

(I cry every.single.time.)

Capes. Right now I literally cannot get enough of cozy cape sweaters. I love to wrap up in them at the end of a work day when it’s chilly outside and feel so chic and comfy at the same time! I love this one I got from NY&Co.


S’mores in front of the fire. Okay, I don’t have a fireplace. But I DO own a fireplace DVD and one of my favorite restaurants serves table side s’mores you can make at home with one of these. Love the idea of snuggling up in a cape watching a favorite holiday movie while having s’mores on the couch. :)



Pumpkin anything. From a pumpkin bread to pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice cupcakes, pumpkin whoopie pies… I can’t get enough of this classic holiday flavor.


DIY Boot Socks. I love love LOVE layers in the fall and winter. One of my favorite things is layering tights under socks under boots, and this tutorial is a genius way to pull off the look really simply. I’ve made and worn several pairs of boot socks already! TAGG tip:  Boot socks are a fall must! Equally as obsessed.


Do you want to share your five must haves? This column is not just for bloggers only! If you are passionate about five items — any five items — at the moment, I’d love to hear from you. TAGG is all about every gal so let me hear ya. Now, here’s today’s…

Meet Kimberly. She’s a recent blog friend, as I discovered her blog through mutual buds and was immediately enamored. Called Penny Pincher Fashion, she totally finds the cutest, most on-trend pieces that you would never think were a steal and yet… they are! A stay-at-home mom, budget is important since her household has just one income. While she says it takes some time and extra patience, looking fashionable on a budget is totally attainable.

More about Kimberly? How cool that she made it to round two on American Idol back in its ruling-the-tv days!  She’s also a pretty fierce roller skater who can do jumps (doubt she’d want to hang with me; I can hardly get around that loop!) and has two adorable kiddos. I’m just getting to know her but no doubt, I love her must haves. Adding some faux fur is tops on my fall fashion list.


Here are Kimberly’s 5 wallet-friendly must-haves of the moment:

Animal-Print Accessories: Completely on-trend without going overboard ~ I love adding just a touch of animal print through accent pieces to spice up an outfit.

NY & Company Animal Print Skinny Belt - $11.47 / Kelly & Katie Savy Suburban Wristlet - $19.95 / Mossimo Versie Pumps - $29.99


Jewel-Toned Polishes: To me, there is nothing that says fall more than a deep, rich nail color. I am all about the jewel-tones right now because they lend a certain sophistication and look great on any skin-tone.

OPI Cucoo For This Color - $4.31 / OPI From A to Zurich - $7.65 / OPI Diva of Geneva - $5.65 / OPI Ski Teal We Drop - $2.00

Sparkling Baubles: What girl doesn’t love a little bling? All you need is one of these pieces for maximum impact…and you don’t have to wear real diamonds to achieve the same look (for less)!


F21 Rhinestone Choker - $20.80 / Modcloth Sperical Sparkle Earrings - $14.99 / R.J. Graziano Rhinestone Bracelet - $24.00


Faux Fur: Fur is such a luxurious texture & it considerably ups the glamour quotient of any outfit. And now they are making the faux options just as soft & appealing as the real thing (but with a much lower price point).

H&M Faux Fur Vest - $49.95 / ALDO Opdyke Handbag - $34.98 / ELLE Ankle Boots - $57.99

Burgundy Lips: This is the perfect time of year to switch out your bright red lipstick for this dark wine-colored hue. It’s season-appropriate, sultry & classic all at the same time.

Revlon Matte Lipstick (Wine Not) - $5.04 / L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick (Pure Burgundy) - $8.49 / Shiseido Perfect Rouge Sheer (Natural Wine) - $25

 Thank you so much for letting me share my “must-haves” with you & thank you to Alyson for letting me guest post here on TAGG!  You can see more of my style, get hair & beauty tips and discover frugal fashion finds on my blog: Penny Pincher Fashion.

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