I’m 34-years old. I’m not at all where I expected to be. Being candid, I was never one of those girls with a clear roadmap that by 25 I’d be married, or that I want two kids by 35. Or that, I wanted to own a business or be a successful who the heck nows what. Hell, until I failed financial accounting junior year of college and switched my major to public relations, I never saw myself in this field at all. That’s the funny thing about life. For all the planning, or even lack thereof, it’s sometimes impossible to know what the future holds.

I often characterize my life in two ways: before Sarah (our first child) in Nov. 2009, and before “I got sick” (March 2010), as both were such turning points in my life, in our life as a couple and as our family. Every single thing changed. Simple things like spontaneous date nights or pedicures to more complex things after getting sick like walking up the stairs, holding my daughter or even showering standing up. It took months of physical therapy to get me to a place where I only felt the discomfort without the typical person seeing my physical weaknesses. Still, four years later, my left leg is weaker. I feel it most when I get out of bed, when for a minute, they feel a little “stuck” (feels like I’m walking like the Tin Man). I keep going and soon the stiffness dissipates.

I share this because Nair asked me to share where my legs have taken me and what I do to reveal my best self. Think this is awesome — as is its new Moroccan Argan Oil Sprays Away™ No Touch Spray for hot summer legs - I must confess (more on that later) — because until you don’t have the ability to use your legs, it’s sometimes hard to get how incredible they are. My legs walked me into the interview that landed me into my first job, into the party where I met my future husband, to climb the tallest peaks in Israel and Italy, to carry our daughter during pregnancy, to run my first 5k (and hopefully not my last!). They’ve taken me miraculous places and given me a lifetime of memories.

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chic shorts // the average girl's guide

It’s officially shorts season! While shorts are typically considered daytime or more casual wear, it’s also fun alternative to a dress or skirt during the summer, day or night. I wore this outfit on Sunday to a special little celebration for a new baby, and simply swapped out the wedges for nude flip flops to run errands. The scallops and touches of gold — particularly in the tank buttons — are built-in ways that make this a little dressier. For evening, consider an ivory lace blouse with strappy nude heels.

While denim can go dressy, it’s a bit more challenging; playing around with eyelet, lace, scalloped hems, linen, and even faux leather or other great textures to dress up with a beautiful blouse. I recently wore these faux leather shorts with this blouse (seen here) and heels for a girls night out. Perfect + stayed cool… and the entire outfit cost around $100!

lilly pulitzer scalloped shorts

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summer time punch

May 21, 2014

Hop Skip and Get Naked

With Memorial Day weekend nearly here, I’m counting down to relaxing by the pool at the beach, or even just on my couch. Mama could use a break. I also envision some neigh hood hangouts, a barbecue and very little cooking. It’s how I roll on the weekends.
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LillyPulitzer Scalloped Shorts

seersucker short // eyelet short (3 inches) //eyelet short (5 inches) // // print short

Based on yesterday’s Instagram feed, you guys are clearly on board with my all-out obsession with anything scalloped. Proof: these Lilly Pulitzer shorts. My gorgeous (and leggy!) friend wore the 3″ version for a girls night out last week and I had to have them. Good thing my excessive “hinting” worked: the husband got me these and the navy version of the ruffled tank above right for Mother’s Day (score!).

Sizing tip: if you’re between sizes, size down, with the exception of the seersucker print; it’s a thinner material, i.e. less forgiving… though oh-so-cute.

Have to admit I’ve never been a “Lilly” girl despite living so close to Palm Beach, home to all things Lilly Pulitzer. While some of the more classic pieces are not necessarily my style, I’m wow’ed by more recent collections… swear nearly every compliment this week to a friend has been a Lilly item! Must share that the price reflects the quality (the cotton is particularly awesome) - and it rarely goes on sale — but I appreciate that the price is what it is. Don’t you hate when you buy something for 30% off and the next week it’s 40% off? Hate. That.

Back to the good stuff; here are more fun, colorful Lilly for summer that I particularly love…

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