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May 21, 2014

Hop Skip and Get Naked

With Memorial Day weekend nearly here, I’m counting down to relaxing by the pool at the beach, or even just on my couch. Mama could use a break. I also envision some neigh hood hangouts, a barbecue and very little cooking. It’s how I roll on the weekends.

This punch is reminiscent of a drink I first discovered in college, thanks to my cute, frat boy husband. Anyone ever try the “hop, skip and get naked?” The name is still hysterical all these years later; the guys in the fraternity house made it instead with pink lemonade concentrate; I guess they thought the girls would like it more? Funny part is that they would down that pink cocktail, too.

Get ready for your official summer punch: It’s so easy, affordable and perfect for a casual weekend, even an outdoor brunch or girls night in.

12 oz. Pinnacle Vodka
6 bottles of light beer
1 can of lemonade concentrate
Fresh berries {optional: use frozen berries instead of ice cubes in glasses}

Pour in lemonade concentrate first; let it soften and then pour in beer, followed by vodka. Add ice to cups and then pour drink. Top with berries.

hop sip and get naked punch

Summer punch // the average girl's guide Summer punch

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  • Kayla Wallace Gilbert

    YUMMM! Definitely going to have to try that one! : )

  • Kristin of LivingInColorPrint

    Looks delicious! Definitely making this drink for the summertime!

    Kristin of

  • The Office Stylist

    This looks so yummy!!

    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  • Tara

    You have no idea how badly I want to participate in campaigns like this….but I guess it isn’t worth getting fired over lol

  • Lyddiegal

    You totally should have done it with the pink lemon aid :)

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