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May 21, 2014

Hop Skip and Get Naked

With Memorial Day weekend nearly here, I’m counting down to relaxing by the pool at the beach, or even just on my couch. Mama could use a break. I also envision some neigh hood hangouts, a barbecue and very little cooking. It’s how I roll on the weekends.
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Get Buff Green Smoothie

March 14, 2013

Green Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothies have earned a worthy reputation for good reason: by creating a sweet combo of fruits and veggies, you can enjoy a rich-tasting, satisfying drink without loading up on refined sugar and calories.  Green smoothies offer filling fiber and are an excellent way to get in your daily fruit and veggie requirements.

Check out all of the ingredients in this one smoothie; it’s like your muscles are getting bigger just lookin’ at ‘em! {And, you can’t taste the kale once this is blended really well!}

Green Smoothie Recipe

Here’s how you get your green smoothie action going:

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December 23, 2011

With all the holiday hecticness from work, family and it just being this time of year, I’m so ready for a cocktail! Is it 5 pm yet? I can imagine myself sipping any of these in one of a few places: 1. at a holiday party 2. at a local bar for a night out 3. on my couch in my forevery lazy (ok, I don’t have one of these but now on my wish list!) with Love Actually playing on repeat. 

When enjoying cocktails, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this Guide suggests watching the calories… save it for the yummy eats! There’s so many ways to enjoy a fun, indulgent cocktail without consuming 300+ calories.  Swap out high calorie juices for the ones with lower sugar (saves about a 80 calories per serving) and avoid regular sodas. Here are a few worth sipping this season…

 skinnygirl white cranberry cosmo / blushing berry /sidecar / night and day nog’tinis 

If all else fails, grab that forever lazy or monster-sized blanket and cozy up with one of these:


Here’s five ways to indulge in a hot chocolate while staying under 150 calories. Other routes? Try the under 100 calories hot milk chocolate k-cups.  Just holding a toasty cup makes me happy!



Delish Low-Cal Cocktails

September 16, 2011

Most gals love a good cocktail, but who wants to waste hundreds of calories one one measly drink? Every TAGG gal should have a signature drink that also doesn’t break the calorie break. I suggest staying under 150 or 200 calories per cocktail or glass of wine. Discover a go-to drink you can indulge in without feeling like your sacrificing on flavor.


Mine, if I’m home to make it: vodka with fresca or another diet soda, and possibly a lime. My girlfriend, B, swears by her vodka with Powerade Zero and she’s right; it’s beyond delish… you can’t even taste the vodka (it almost goes down too easily!).

Another treat? Champagne! Bubbly clocks in at just around 100 calories for a 5-ounce flute.


And, look what I discovered: Glamour mag shared that this sour apple martini has just 160 calories!

{photos: Glamour}

It’s looks so delicious I thought it deserved to be the biggest photo! Ha.

Happy Friday, gorgeous gals, and enjoy your weekend! I’m off to a blogger conference in Tampa called Blogger Brilliance and couldn’t be more stoked. I mean, I’m practically jumping-out-of-my-chair-excited at the thought of connecting in person with other bloggers and learning from the best.

CHEERS to that!

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