summer time punch

May 21, 2014

Hop Skip and Get Naked

With Memorial Day weekend nearly here, I’m counting down to relaxing by the pool at the beach, or even just on my couch. Mama could use a break. I also envision some neigh hood hangouts, a barbecue and very little cooking. It’s how I roll on the weekends.
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summer cocktail club

May 9, 2014

2014-04-30 20.11.45

Exciting news in the ‘summer sipping’ front: lots of delicious, fun and easy-to-make cocktails on are the horizon this summer at The Average Girl’s Guide! Thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Pinnacle Vodka over the next few months to share really great cocktails for a girls night out (or in!), beach and pool days, BBQ’s or just a lazy Netflix binge date night on the couch after work… or after the kids finally go to sleep.

I made a quick trip to NYC last week for Pinnacle’s Cocktail Club, meeting with a handful of other fabulous bloggers, the Pinnacle team, and master mixologist, Brian Van Flandern. This guy was out-of-control amazing! We learned the proper way to shake, stir and mix cocktails. How to pour, how to even out a drink’s sugar or alcohol factor when it’s not tasting just right and more. Don’t worry, I was so fixated on sampling the cocktails — ya know, quality control! — that I can’t promise how much info I retained so it makes me happy that my amateur status should suffice since Pinnacle has an impressive 42 flavors (!) to play around with. Plus, open mentioning my anxiousness about crazy concoctions, the Pinnacle team told me they’re all about the easy cocktails, not ones that require so much time and ingredients that your guests are enjoying your party without you. So. My. Style!

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