TAGG Talk: Dull Dinner Dilemma

April 17, 2013

When it comes to dinner my house is totally dull. I race in the door around 6:30 p.m., daughter and husband quickly follow — or vice versa — and then we want to immediately feed our daughter so in order to sit with her, we wind up bringing something in, eating leftovers or quickly creating something lame-ish. This average girl’s meals have become beyond pitiful. I need to spice things up!  While I love breakfast for dinner as much as the next girl, it’s becoming excessive. Pre-daughter we used to cook all the time, nothing fancy or elaborate but healthy, satisfying and fulfilling meals instead of a haphazard options where I’m frequently hungry again by 9:30 p.m. — never ideal for someone with a high snack factor.


eggplant and tofu in garlic sauce || peach and roasted vegetable salad || shrimp + arugula pasta || buffalo turkey burger 

Does you have the same issue?  Or have created a solution? What are your go-to meals and strategies to ensure a quick, good meal on the table?

I recall making extra chicken, for example, one night so I can repurpose it the next night but hasn’t been happening. The goal eventually is to get home earlier but isn’t that always easier said than done? I find so many recipes, pin dishes, and even load up on cookbooks on my counter (with bookmarks shoved in, embarrassingly enough!) that never go anywhere. Well, I do keep making the same banana bread recipe over and over! #win

I’m determined to create at least one amazing, pretty quick new dish my family can enjoy. And, yes that means slightly coaxing my ultra picky daughter to try a bite. I’ll be back next week to report how I’m spicing things up in the kitchen — maybe with a fun Asian or Indian dish, or just playing around with ingredients like I used to enjoy. We’d make sushi, spring rolls, test marinades, grill, create chilis, and have the best time. But now… nada. Talk with TAGG in the comments section about your favorite recipe, or if you’re like me and ready to get crackin’ in the kitchen again. Excited for what’s in store!


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  • hithaonthego

    My new go-to dinner may help you out! I make a batch of grains (quinoa, millet, brown rice) at the beginning of each week. When I need to prep something fast, I’ll cook some frozen spinach and mix it with a nutritional yeast sauce (totally cheesy), cook some canned beans (black or red) and mash them up with salsa once they’re hot (to taste just like refried beans), and throw it all together with some salsa. Totally healthy and tastes decadently delicious! Hope this helps.

  • sarah

    on the weekends, i make a menu for the week. the night before (or morning of), i prep whatever i can earlier-defrosting a steak, marinating chicken, cutting up veggies, that sort of thing. that way when you get home, you know what you are eating and most of the work is already done. it saves the ‘what are we going to eat tonight’ dilemma. RR has a great concept of making a weeks worth of meals in a day. you can take S in the kitchen on a sunday and roll out meatballs and make sauce to create spaghetti, stuffed zucchini, pizza, whatever later in the week.

  • Mpls Mom

    My kids are off to college but this was there favorite when i was in a rush. Brown ground turkey add a little grape jelly and peanut butter roll up in a tortilla serve with sliced fruit. PB%J Tacos!

  • Bea


    If you can translate it, it’s a great article on how to prepare a big meal one day when you have time and re-invent it into other meals as the week goes on. If the translation is incompreensible, I’ll help out

    When my mom came home late she threw sliced sausages in a pan, some of those shoestring chios (very thin and tiny) and then a couple beaten eggs. You then swish the whole thing until it’s cooked through. It’s not pretty but it’s tasty, filling and on the table in ten minutes

  • http://iamchiconthecheap.com/ Lyddiegal

    pinterest can make me feel so excited about cooking dinner, until i realize have no ingredients and no time. it really is an unsolvable problem.

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  • amilewis

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