When it comes to dinner my house is totally dull. I race in the door around 6:30 p.m., daughter and husband quickly follow — or vice versa — and then we want to immediately feed our daughter so in order to sit with her, we wind up bringing something in, eating leftovers or quickly creating something lame-ish. This average girl’s meals have become beyond pitiful. I need to spice things up!  While I love breakfast for dinner as much as the next girl, it’s becoming excessive. Pre-daughter we used to cook all the time, nothing fancy or elaborate but healthy, satisfying and fulfilling meals instead of a haphazard options where I’m frequently hungry again by 9:30 p.m. — never ideal for someone with a high snack factor.


eggplant and tofu in garlic sauce || peach and roasted vegetable salad || shrimp + arugula pasta || buffalo turkey burger 

Does you have the same issue?  Or have created a solution? What are your go-to meals and strategies to ensure a quick, good meal on the table?

I recall making extra chicken, for example, one night so I can repurpose it the next night but hasn’t been happening. The goal eventually is to get home earlier but isn’t that always easier said than done? I find so many recipes, pin dishes, and even load up on cookbooks on my counter (with bookmarks shoved in, embarrassingly enough!) that never go anywhere. Well, I do keep making the same banana bread recipe over and over! #win

I’m determined to create at least one amazing, pretty quick new dish my family can enjoy. And, yes that means slightly coaxing my ultra picky daughter to try a bite. I’ll be back next week to report how I’m spicing things up in the kitchen — maybe with a fun Asian or Indian dish, or just playing around with ingredients like I used to enjoy. We’d make sushi, spring rolls, test marinades, grill, create chilis, and have the best time. But now… nada. Talk with TAGG in the comments section about your favorite recipe, or if you’re like me and ready to get crackin’ in the kitchen again. Excited for what’s in store!


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While some Food Network fans might think Ingrid Hoffman is a newer sensation, she’s anything but new on the scene. While she now regularly adds bursts of flavor to the Food Network on her show, Simply Delicioso, this Columbian-American success story also has the Spanish-language show Delicioso on Univision (and fact: she stared in 16 telanovelas by age 20!). She has popular cookbooks, and now a cookwear line with T-fal. Oh, and I cannot get over how amazing this woman’s skin — and bod! — is for being 45+. She’s totally gorgeous, and you can tell it’s not just on the outside… she radiates.

I was honored to get a few minutes to talk to this talented, smart, grounded star recently at the Red Hot Night, presented by Target, during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Check out her responses to our six questions…who else is dying for a pressure cooker after this post??

TAGG: What ingredients do you keep in stock in the fridge or pantry to create dinner fast?
Ingrid Hoffman: Avocado, cilantro, eggs, and dry beans of every kind.

TAGG: What can the average girl create and look like a rockstar (but secret: it’s not complicated!)?
IH: Bouillabaisse in a pressure cooker. My pressure cooker, Betty, which she affectionally calls her red-hot cooker, makes food from scratch in minutes, instead of hours. Unlike a slow cooker where you need to think in the morning or night before what you’re making this has no prep. Who wants to worry the night before about what’s for dinner? For the bouillabaisse, get frozen seafood, coconut milk, broth, garlic, herbs. throw it in, and in six minutes… done! No prep needed. {TAGG tip: Ingrid’s cooker is currently only available in a larger size; for smaller, highly recommend this}

TAGG: You’ve accomplished so much in the past 10 years… shows, cookbooks, more! What makes you most proud?
IH: When it comes to work, I’m most proud of my cookbooks. It’s the hardest thing I do and it’s where my passion lies. I like television but to me, it’s a means to an end in order to share, to ultimately sell cookbooks. My soul is in cookbooks.

TAGG: I recently read about your kitchen remodel on your 15-year old residence. It’s gorgeous (and not huge like I expected it to be). Any wise words to help the average girl best utilize her space?
IH: Before you make any changes, sit down and think about how you use your space. Mimic your moves. If you’re going to reach for gadgets, where are they? Consider how you can build out – and build up. Even though my space is fairly small I can still cook for a lot of people.

TAGG: What’s your new favorite food of the most? How do you use it?
Quinoa. It’s so versatile. I use it for salads, soups and instead of pasta with clams and wine. I use it as oatmeal with bananas and blueberries in the morning, and instead of rice with paella.
{she wasn’t joking about using it with everything!} 

TAGG: anything else you’d like to share with the average – yet fabulous! – girl?
IH: If I can do it, you can do it. I started to realize with others, ‘heck, if they can do it, why can’t I?’ I’m clumsy, have ADHD and didn’t study culinary at school and I’m not classically trained. If you set your mind to it, make it your passion, you can do it.

pssst… apologies for the ultra-grainy iPhone photo but I mean is Ingrid gorgeous or what?! Love her Prabal Gurung for Target suit, too!



Get out the party hats: today is National Peanut Butter Day! I know, I know, you might not be as exciting as me, but since peanut butter is a staple here (truth: I eat pb+j for breakfast every morning), I’d thought I’d share our favorites on the market, and a handful of delicious recipes.

I know peanut butter gets a bit of a bad rap with its higher calorie and fat count, but promise it’s good for you, and is a food that will keep you feeling full longer (i.e. less calories in the long run!). Eat it in a sandwich, add it to an apple or banana, add a little atop a whole grain waffle or pancake, mix it into oatmeal, bake with it the options are endless.

Your best is the natural kind, the one with a very tiny ingredient list of words you can read (heads up: that low fat brand you’re using: it’s saving you very little fat in favor of maltodextrin, a carbohydrate used as a filler in processed foods that means you’re trading in the good stuff for empty carbs and more sugar. Don’t do it). My personal fav of the moment is Skippy Natural with honey, though I’m about due to try a new one. I guess this is how beauty junkies feel after wearing the same lipstick for a few days!

Here are five recipes that range from indulgent to yummy, healthy bites you’re sure to make again and again:

Keep Reading for Delish Peanut Butter Recipes


Best Thanksgiving Sides

November 20, 2012

Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I must confess I’m a sides girl. I could leave the turkey behind in favor of all of the delish side dishes. Here’s a few I’m spying to make with my brother as we prepare to have our family over for Thanksgiving dinner. Definitely thankful for these!

corn pudding ||  brussel sprouts with apples || sweet potato casserole (my/gram’s recipe, and one of TAGG’s first posts) || two-cheese squash casserole  || perfect cranberry sauce ||  || best ever green been casserole || butternut squash soup ||

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