The Average Girl’s Guide is a place that links us all, where I remind you that at the end of the day, that you, me, we’re all the same typical gal just wanting to live a fabulous life.
I hope I can be a best friend of sorts to you, be it providing advice on what to wear or how to find a deal, or offer perspective on a more serious topic. It’s also a place where I need to be honest with all of you.
Today I’m participating in Pour Your Heart Out from the blog, The Things I cannot Say
because while I’m writing about fashion and food this has been on my mind…

Sometimes, I feel alone. Really lonely. That seems so strange because I have the most loving husband in the world, an incredible daughter, loving fam and the most supportive friends.
Yet, still, sometimes I feel alone in a sea full of people. Like there’s no one there if I needed them.

I think a lot of my loneliness relates to friends.
I have a few friends I feel really connected to that live far away. I sometimes think that if they lived nearby I know I’d be happier. No pressure, right? haha. Friends who know me, know my story, and who I am. Who you don’t have to be “on” when you see them because you can just be YOU. I miss that.

I do have close friends here, don’t get me wrong, and they’ve stood by me this past year more than I wish they had to. But, they only know this subsection of my life… they haven’t yet learned fully who I am and I don’t know fully who they are.

And, while I love working — I’ve embarked on a new adventure of starting my own business this year, and fortunately, have been doing very well — it’s like I’m no longer accessible to the friends who are stay-at-home moms, and yet am not in the same category as the full-time working friends or don’t work near them. That’s a big issue with working from home…. a million lunch dates, I suppose?

I’m sharing this because this blog is as much about the fun as it is about the real. And, this is who I am and who you’re reading from when you read the other stuff. I’m often happy, really happy, but I get in these ruts and it builds on itself.

Does this happen to you?
I like to think that many women, even the most popular, feel this way sometimes.
It’s almost impossible to be happy all the time. Would love your thoughts on what you do to you pick yourself up (besides downing a monster bag of pretzel m&ms like I’ve been doing!)

Thanks for listening, ladies. Wishing you all of the happiness, health and fulfillment in the world!