Film Review: Hunger Games

March 26, 2012

The film was uh-mazing. Sometimes adaptations can totally disappoint however use its $150+ million opening weekend box office ticket sales as a sign that people were clamoring to get in on this action.

I’ve read the trilogy yet was on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next. Umm, I knew… that’s how good it was.  I anticipate the film is a home run whether or not you’ve read the 1,000+ pages.

While there was a few scenes I would have loved included — won’t say for fear of spoilers — it’s impossible to include it all when the books were so detail and action packed. One thing absent in the two and a half hour films? The goriness anticipated if you read the books. The vivid imagery is still left to our imaginations.

The acting was superb, filled with perfect pauses, emotions, screams and more tension-filled glances than Chuck Bass gives on an episode of Gossip Girl. Add in eye candy with the likes of characters Peeta and Gale, braided ‘dos by our girl, Katniss, and magnificent make-up (LOVED the gold liner on Cinna) and incredible sets, and you have yourselves ready for an excellent film.

Recommend you bring some munchies (or be a 10-year old like me and get the movie theatre kid’s pack for its buttery popcorn, candy and diet coke, whaa!).

This film is totally TAGG recommended.

Have you seen it?? What are your thoughts?

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  • Welllottieda

    Love your assessment, and I totally agree. I think the movie delicately (is that possible?) navigates the violence inherent in the premise of the story. I , too, was on the edge of my seat even though I just read the books last week and remembered every detail. I’d love to hear which scenes you wish had been included, but I understand the spoiler factor!

  • Marlee Vandergrift

    I really liked it, overall. There were a few disappointments - the fire dress! - and a few things that were better than I thought - Haymitch! - but overall it was very fair to the book.

  • Just Another Shopaholic

    I loved this movie! I really want to watch it again!!

  • G.

    Am about halfway of the second book, and is better than the first one as I can’t imagine this time how it will end! Haven’t seen the movie yet - I’m waiting for it to slow down a little - hate the crowds.

  • Karli

    I saw it at midnight and I was absolutely blown away. I’ve read all the books and fell totally in love. Some book-to-film adaptations really disappoint but this was pretty much adaptation perfection. There were scenes I would have loved to see in there, but like you said, there was so much detail in the books that could not have possibly been added to the films. 

  • Cheryl

    I agree - loved the movie!  Was a great adaptation of the book.

    And here I thought I was the only one buying the Kids 1-2-3 Go Box!  Popcorn, fruit snacks and juice (kids are so lucky….)

  • Collette Osuna

    Ive heard great things about this movie…..also that it was sold out in many places…Ill have to try to see it!

    June 1989 Jewelry Grand Opening!

  • KarenL

    Saw it and really liekd it. The average age in the movie theater increased significantly when I walked inthe door but it was worth embracing the 13-year-old in me, pop cor and diet coke included (Yikes!)

  • Fashion By Alicia

    I liked the movie, but I didn’t LOVE it.  I thought they changed a few things that didn’t need changed so that was disappointing.  But overall, I was happy with the movie. 

  • Aubrey

    I am so excited to see it, going TONIGHT! (c: I am a huge fan of the books and from what I’ve heard, the movie is awesome sauce…I have to say that I was not impressed with their choice for Peeta, so I’m hoping the movie will change my mind! 

  • Jordan - Queen of LA

    i really really liked it and totally agree with your assessment - i was on the edge of my seat even though i knew what was going to happen! i couldnt believe how anxious i was before the reaping and before the games actually started! i thought it was incredibly detailed - i wish they had gotten even more in, though, but i do understand that no one besides you or me would probably sit through a 5 hour movie :) 

  • NicholeM

    ditto - the tracker jacker scene?  I was on the edge of my seat, and I knew what was going to happen!  I thought Jennifer Lawrence was incredible.

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