How to: Network Like a Pro

March 27, 2012

Welcome to another occasional series by The Average Girl’s Guide. An ultimate goal at TAGG is to help you live your best life. To do so who doesn’t love a few helpful how to’s? I know I do (especially when they’re not too preachy!). Check out the first one… how to network like a pro. Utilize these tips whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder, get your new business in hyper-drive or you’re a stay-at-home mom looking volunteer or meet new people.

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  • Kemi Sorinmade

    Great tips once again. I’m loving your blog and it’s a great resource. I noticed you don’t have a share button at the bottom of each post. I wanted to email this and share with others

    kemi at

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Kemi: you’re right. :( I was having all sorts of trouble with the share button… working to fix! Hope you could email it to your friends. You are so sweet!

  • Sarah

    Great post! I’m going to have to start networking soon to get a job haha!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Good luck!! Hopefully you can put some of these tips to the test.

  • Fashion By Alicia

    Great tips!

  • Collette Osuna

    Great tips….! Im sure they will help many readers:)

  • Emily Pugh

    I love this!!! I am a PR Student and I think some of the tips will be really helpful. I especially like the one where you write a fact on each business card. 

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Yay for a PR student… my undergrad degree is in PR (and master’s in communications management). The business card trick definitely helps… just bring a pen that works on the variety of business card paper you’ll encounter. Good luck!

  • victoria | vmac+cheese

    This is awesome! It’s funny, I used to HATE networking with a passion. I’m just not a small talk person. Of course now, I rely on it so much more. I’ve found that if I re-train my brain to think of each conversation as a casual one, like I’d have with a new friend, it’s easier to get past the “I’m only talking to this person for work benefits” mentality. Humanizing a contact not only helps with networking, but it makes the connection so much more genuine and ironically enough, more likely to pay off in the end! I’m totally using that biz card trick from now on too!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Great tip to think of it has hanging with a friend! It makes it much easier and takes some pressure off. The thing is though that the person you’re talking to is interested in what you have to offer them, too! Networking is one of those necessary evils (though I have met some pretty amazing peopel through stuffy functions). :(

  • sarah | chevrons & stripes

    These are fantastic tips! I’ve never been the best ‘socializing for a purpose’ person but I’m realizing the importance of it now more than ever. Following up promptly is one of the best tips - I try to always follow up on this one… 

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Definitely important as we get older; promptly following up makes a huge deal! So glad you found these helpful. :)

  • houseofearnest

    great guide!  Sometimes I literally just have to remind myself to smile.  I LOVE the tip about writing a fact on the business card.

  • Patti

    really great tips! I am definitely in the shy category : )

  • Stephanie @ henry happened

    These are great tips - networking can be so intimidating! Focusing on being a good listener is so important.

  • Sarah Roads

    This is so great. I’m not a great networker naturally, so thanks for the tips

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  • Bea

    You can keep business cards (yours and other’s) between your cell cover and the actual cellphone. It keeps them nice and straight, convinient to keep and to give away and you’ll always have a couple on hand, even when you’re not expecting to network!

    • The Avg Girl Guide

      Bea: LOVE this idea! I have an otterbox (thanks to my daughter and clumsy self!) but for ones that are easier to remove this is an excellent idea. Definitely ensures you have a business card handy. Thank you for sharing!!

  • sir_ljayy

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