Welcome to part two of what can only be dubbed as how to present the best professional version of yourself. TAGG’s How to Network Like a Pro shared helpful tips, however what about those looking for a new position or just starting their career after completing college (congratulations, btw!)? After just completing a job search for a senior position at my PR firm, I’m chock-full of tips that I’m eager to share. I reviewed dozens of resumes and interviewed at least 10 strong candidates and came away a little underwhelmed (sorry, truth).

So many errors, blatant laziness and lackluster resumes that could have been written better to make the person look like a superstar kept pouring in. You might think you’ve heard some of this before but I promise you people wouldn’t keep writing these tips if others didn’t keep doing them. I’m talking about poor grammar, misspellings, too-casual replies and other errors that can — and will — cost you the job. The bright side is that I did find someone spectacular, and met quite a few other professionals who had a lot to offer, yet just were not the right fit for the company at this time. I told them they’re on my radar! I will follow-up with them the next time a position opens.


Have more tips for those on the hunt? Would love if you left your recommendations in the comments section! And, wishing the best of luck to those on the hunt!



Welcome to another occasional series by The Average Girl’s Guide. An ultimate goal at TAGG is to help you live your best life. To do so who doesn’t love a few helpful how to’s? I know I do (especially when they’re not too preachy!). Check out the first one… how to network like a pro. Utilize these tips whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder, get your new business in hyper-drive or you’re a stay-at-home mom looking volunteer or meet new people.

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