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Film Review: Hunger Games

March 26, 2012

The film was uh-mazing. Sometimes adaptations can totally disappoint however use its $150+ million opening weekend box office ticket sales as a sign that people were clamoring to get in on this action.

I’ve read the trilogy yet was on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next. Umm, I knew… that’s how good it was.  I anticipate the film is a home run whether or not you’ve read the 1,000+ pages.

While there was a few scenes I would have loved included — won’t say for fear of spoilers — it’s impossible to include it all when the books were so detail and action packed. One thing absent in the two and a half hour films? The goriness anticipated if you read the books. The vivid imagery is still left to our imaginations.

The acting was superb, filled with perfect pauses, emotions, screams and more tension-filled glances than Chuck Bass gives on an episode of Gossip Girl. Add in eye candy with the likes of characters Peeta and Gale, braided ‘dos by our girl, Katniss, and magnificent make-up (LOVED the gold liner on Cinna) and incredible sets, and you have yourselves ready for an excellent film.

Recommend you bring some munchies (or be a 10-year old like me and get the movie theatre kid’s pack for its buttery popcorn, candy and diet coke, whaa!).

This film is totally TAGG recommended.

Have you seen it?? What are your thoughts?



Hungry for Hunger Games

March 20, 2012

It’s the moment so many of us have been waiting for. The Hunger Games movie debuts on Friday (people started buying tix one month ago!). If you haven’t read Hunger Games or think it’s not for you, keep reading. This average gal is typically a fan of lighter reads (rom com or the steamy 50 Shades of Grey, anyone?) yet found myself immediately sucked in to this trilogy. It’s intense, fast-paced and will undoubtedly make you want to not do important things like work, eat and sleep in order to finish the books.

Since the theatres will be insane for a bit, start reading now (great prices now on Amazon: $5 for first book or free via Kindle with Prime membership!) and check out this inspiration to get you eager for more.

nails jennifer lawrence… and that stunning ‘do! /hunger games cast in vanity fair /  mockingjay necklace (under $10!)/ 6 secrets you need to know, including how to get the effie eyes! /  4 ways to train like a tribute /effie trinket  /nail polish collection /




Valentine’s Lust List

February 7, 2012

It seems a little unfair of me to even ‘want’ for Valentine’s Day with us just moving into a new home a week ago but alas, is it fair of me to try to control my lusts? Ha, I think not! The husband I typically keep our prices to a minimum around Valentine’s, especially with it being so close to the holidays and my birthday in my March, and this list doesn’t stray far from that.

Keeping it under $75, and most well below $50, here are a few items perfect for my list or yours:



day at the beach (the perfect mini vacay!) /glam neige collar via bauble bar (white accessories look perfect with everything) / decorate (spied this book in anthropologie and you would have thought I was in Barnes & Noble, standing there reading an excessively long time. Gorgeous, great advice) /opal sparks leather pouch via anthrolologie (metallic polka dots? yes! The flip side is solid silver) / self-inking stamp (so my new addy always looks fashionable. plus have you seen my handwriting? ouch)  hunger games stamped bracelet (read the trilogy — access them all on amazon here -  and am now dying for the film to come out. This is a great saying)

PS: Today’s the LAST day to enter to win your choice of a product from Andalou Naturals, my favorite new go-to organic line of beauty products. So amazing, and perk: affordably priced.



I’m so immersed in reading Hunger Gamesthat I have to admit it’s hard to do anything else (i.e. write a real post!). Armed with all three books on my iPad, I did some killer multi-tasking yesterday (and resolution accomplishing!) when I hit the elliptical for 30 minutes while reading, plus I’ve been reading every chance I get.  Could this series be any more intense? I doubt it and love every word. I’m currently two-thirds into book two.

The movie comes out March 23 (Hunger Games trailer) and I get the sense you’ll be left behind wondering what the heck everyone is talking about if you don’t start reading now (Great prices on Amazon, ps!).  Envisioning a Twilight-esque frenzy!

Next up on my reading list? The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and also Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. Kind of random, but it’s a best seller with more than 4 million copies sold so I think I could benefit from hearing; I start to feel this way as it relates to my health and I’m sure many of you wonder for your own personal reasons so curious what this author has to say! Have you read?

On a lighter note, I’m finally sharing the winner of the Target $50 gift card! The holidays just went by faster than I could imagined. Congrats to… Amanda Sakovitz! Email me at averagegirlsguide @ to claim! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and thanks again for reading The Average Girl’s Guide. Looking forward to 2012!

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