Ogle or Own: J. Crew Bubble Necklace

April 26, 2012

If I had it my way, I’d own everything in J. Crew. Stripes, bolds, patterns, classic, modern pieces that I can stare at all day. Since this average girl’s budget is pretty — average! — I didn’t have the $150 to shell out on this gorgeous ‘bubble’ necklace that is a total outfit transformer. Kimberly then convinced me that ebay (which confession: I never use) was the place to score the necklace for under $20 so I figured, let’s see!  It says it’s authentic (I’m not entirely sure how that’s possible) and I now have two via this route and couldn’t be happier. They’re absolutely gorgeous and result in a barrage of compliments. Want to see it in action? My pink one was last seen here and just showed you my new turquoise one on Monday. 

Since you’re using eBay, it’s easiest to purchase with a Buy it Now option featuring free shipping. I spent less than $20 both times with about a 20 day wait time for travel (they’re from China, natch).  Pssst: when someone asks you about it — which they will — just say it’s J. Crew. Only close friends have to know the real truth where it traveled from!

Ogle: J. Crew ($150)  | Own: ebay (under $20, multiple sellers)


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  • Heather Wolff

    I ordered a yellow one about 2 seconds after you posted your turquoise one the other day!  I am pretty sure I only spent $15!  THEN, I went to the JCrew outlet by my house and saw the same necklace - it was still about $35, so I will compare when it arrives ;)   But the outlet is another option for those who don’t want to wait on China and don’t want to pay $150 (It is NOT worth retail…)!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Heather: that’s awesome to know there’s a real version around just $35, though I am still quite happy with our $15 version! Get ready to wear yours ALL THE TIME!

  • http://twitter.com/MeganFrugalista Megan Zietz

    love it!

  • http://shoestring-fashion.blogspot.com Lisa S

    Great deal! Thanks for sharing your secret!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Anytime! Too good of a secret not to share.

  • Lauren

    I was going to tell you about this store. A bunch of girls at work have bought several items from this buyer all the from china! Ships quickly and seems legit. You look Lovely in all your beautiful purchases!! Great share.

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Thanks so much! I’ve been thrilled with the quality and the timeliness. So awesome.

  • http://fashionbyalicia.blogspot.com Fashion By Alicia

    Great deals!  I almost bought one of these necklaces but feel like I would be a copy cat.  Loved how you wore yours. 

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Copy cat to who?? I totally copied from others… too amazing not to own for yourself! :)

  • graceatwood

    What a fantastic tip!!  I need one.

    • graceatwood

      ordered two..  This is amazeballs.

      • AvgGirlsGuide

        YAY! Beyond amazeballs. I’m insane over these things.

  • http://twitter.com/PPFGirl PennyPincherFashion

    Yay for bubble necklaces - I think I might need a yellow one now! :)

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      And, I want a white one! They are so great. Thanks again for your secret. xoxo

  • http://www.riamichelle.com Ria Michelle

    So lovely! Great find. Gotta love ebay. 

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      eBay is where it’s at. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure that out.

  • http://queenofla.blogspot.com/ Jordan - Queen of LA

    OH MY GOD. i LITERALLY just wrote the same exact post, because im wearing MY knockoff jcrew bubble necklace too!!! great minds think alike!!! 

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Twinsies, per usual!

  • Sizzlemynizzle08

    I had no intention of buying one and just clicked the link out of curiosity and the next thing I know,  I placed and won a bid that was ending in 5 minutes! I gotta get off Ebay..this could get dangerous. Thanks so much for the tip though!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      hahhaha best story of the week!! At least you know you’ll love it to pieces. It’s so amazing.

  • Cnotaro02

    Just ordered from Ebay! Got the yellow and turquoise! so excited! Thanks for sharing :)

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Awesome!! Everyone seems to love the yellow and I personally adore the turq; a friend just got one, too. They’re the best.

  • Tracy Davis

    Great, you’ve gone and made me eBay crazy!  They have a lot of great jewelry buys there, especially J. Crew! 

    What I’m really trying to say is thanks :)

    • ALyson — TAGG

      LOL, welcome. I know, trying to control myself, too. 

  • http://twitter.com/BonBonRoseGirls Kristin & Megan

    I definitely ogled yours when you rocked it on your blog!

    • ALyson — TAGG

      Thank you! Love how it jazzes up every look. 

  • http://www.mixmatchfashion.com/ Tara

    Mine if from Ebay too!  It looks good enough for me :)

    • ALyson — TAGG

      exactly! Would not spent $150! 

  • lauren

    yes! I saw this recently! I didn’t win tho :(

    • ALyson — TAGG

      Lauren: plenty of Buy it Now options under $20. I never bid on one, just picked/shipped! :)  

  • http://www.heatherpranitis.blogspot.com/ Heather Pranitis

    I wonder what the difference is if you actually were to compare them side by side…as in your hand.  Is there even a difference.  But, I will say $20 versus $200 — that’s a steal.  Great find!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Exactly. :) Even if it’s a bit different I’m ok with it for the savings! 

  • Catherine

    Just ordered 3 different colors… haha. Thanks for the tip!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Score, hope you love! 

  • Beth True

    OK my bubble necklace look-a-like from EBay just arrived - it is great! I love it; wearing it to the office today. I got the turquoise one and it sure seems like the real thing - but even if its not, who cares; for $20 I’m a happy camper!  Thank you!!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Yay!! I got the turn one as well. Best isn’t it? So glad you’re happy!! 

  • http://seventeenthandirving.blogspot.com/ Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving

    I just discovered your blog through Lisa @ Elembee, and I’ve loved all your posts thus far. I actually own a real J.Crew bubble necklace from when they first came out several years ago, that has the variegated coral beads, and it was gifted to me - would never spend that much on myself! I will say it’s fantastic quality and has held up well for the 5 or so years I’ve owned it. I am purchasing a yellow one off of eBay, so I’m happy to let you know how they compare side by side! But for $15, who cares really?!

    • AvgGirlsGuide

      Hope you enjoy, and so thrilled you have discovered the blog! Curious your side-by-side comparison. so far I’ve definitely gotten my $15 with each one. They’re the best! 

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  • franzi

    I got mine today too, seems a lot bigger than the original tho…afraid it might look to big on me :-(

    • Alyson

      Is it?? Check out mine in today’s outfit post; is that on par with yours? I’m about 5’3; it might be a bit bigger than the original J. Crew. Either way, perhaps it’s an incredible gift to someone if it’s not just right for you?

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