Outfit: A Casual Friday, in Leggings

February 7, 2011

For all my talk about leggings, I’m not a gal who often wears them. A piece of material suctioned around my thighs for the world to see?? Umm, pass. Until now. Enter: good leggings! Wowza, there is a difference.

To you naysayers out there, I suggest you own a pair. Unless you’re naturally blessed with gorgeous long and lean gams or are a crazy toned rockstar, the bargain-price options are not doing you justice. These Trouve leggings from Nordstrom wear just like pants, in fact a girlfriend and the hubs thought they were! It’ s a great non-jeans option, and gives you the excuse to layer on big cozy tops. Love that.

I also love wearing the black leggings — or a dress — with brown boots. Don’t be afraid to mix black with brown and think they’re off limits, just like black with navy. It all works, it’s just how you style it (be sure there’s enough contrast between the two colors).

leggings: trouve
sweater: gap
white collar shirt: f21
boots: anne klein
scarf: target
bow necklace: tiffany & co.
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  • ilene @ muchloveilly

    aw you're so cute! love those boots and such a sweet scarf. rock those leggings, girl!

  • aPearantly sew

    I have recently aquired a love for leggings too. Never thought I would say that.
    Love that scarf!

  • Tote

    I love getting advice from my blogger friends on which things are good and which are not so good. I will def try the Nordstrom leggins!

  • Sandy a la Mode

    LOVE your boots and colorful scarf girl!! :)

  • stylemebad.com

    Adorable! I have to admit I was always terrified of black and brown and still am till this day. I never realized it was considered a fashion no-no until I started blogging. I just didnt like how it looked together. But If styled correctly it can def be cute! :)

  • {be merry} kate

    Oh I do need a pair of leggings! I definitely have been very skeptical of them… especially since they really aren't for everyone!


  • Jules

    Wow…those leggings sound like a miracle. I need to head to Nordstrom and check them out. You look fantastic in that outfit. I got a pair of brown boots for Christmas and I’ve been wanting to wear them with black leggings. I think I’ll take the plunge.

    That sweater from the Gap is so cute and I’m loving that scarf from Target!

  • Stellar Drift

    "Unless you're naturally blessed with gorgeous long and lean gams or are a crazy toned rockstar, the bargain-price options are not doing you justice. "

    No no, that's the "women must look like the small minority in showbizz or have less value" school of thought.

    Suction some material around your thighs and bum and walk down the street, and guaranteed, regardless of size there will men who glance at you and think "Man, she's fine!"

    Trust me :)

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