Welcome to The Average Girl’s Guide (TAGG), a site dedicated to the idea that we are all the same average, real girl who simply want to live our best life. Whether you’re 26 or 62, and regardless of what you do, where you live, your background…. we’re all pretty much the same at the end of the day. TAGG is designed to help you live your best life, with everything from style inspiration, easy recipes, and deals, to beauty finds, must-read books, and of course, TAGG’s Vent Sesh, a column that delves into little-discussed topics like weightloneliness, babies (+ struggles to have), secret bff’s, scars and bad mom syndrome, just to name a few.

TAGG is written by one real girl to another. I’m Alyson, a 30-something Florida girl who also owns the PR company, Seligman Brand Strategies, is a mom of two, and is passionate about creating a better community.

The site was started in 2010, following a rare, life-changing medical diagnosis (I have transverse myelitis). I started my PR firm and the blog the same month, and haven’t looked back since! I’m grateful for each day that I can do what I love, and have such incredible people in my life. I’m a fan of all things gold, pink and stripes, fun necklaces, the florida gators, fab flats, traveling, weekends by the pool or at a greenmarket, and playing on Instagram.

Have a question or want to say hi? Email me: averagegirlsguide@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting!