movie review: sex tape

July 25, 2014

The weekend is here, and you’re wondering what to do? Check out our review of the latest rom-com to hit the big screen:

Movie: Sex Tape, featuring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel

The plot: A couple, Jay and Annie, are still very much in love after 10 years but are battling a seriously faded sex life thanks to kids, jobs and life. When all else fails to jump start the relationship, they turn to Jay’s new iPad with incredible video capabilities while the kids are at grandma’s one night. With the help of tequila, they decide to try every position in The Joy of Sex. You can feel a little extra heat on camera in the scenes that follow until Jay realizes that he’s accidentally synced all his tech devices. The problem? He constantly upgrades his iPads, sharing old ones with friends, the mail man and even the CEO of a company that mommy blogger, Annie, is trying to land a deal with. They must get the devices back before anyone realizes.


TAGG’s take: I suppose you wouldn’t watch any porn for the plot, and the same goes for this film. The plot is ridiculous, and myself, along with friends during a girl’s night out certainly had a few cringe worthy moments over awkward sex moments, or just Jason Segel’s ass (now Cameron’s? Enviable!). Yet, we all admitted… we did laugh. And, out loud. It’s absurd, and yeah, an actual film critic would give this an F, but what does this average girl think?

Our rating: C+. Worth seeing, now when you have a spare few hours and are looking for some ridiculous laughs or wait until it’s available On Demand. No rush but it’s funny, and the average girl thinks it’s worthy. Just grab some movie popcorn, and sneak in some candy and drinks! PS: our favorite snack is the kid’s pack… best deal in the house; movie theatre popcorn, mini drink and usually a candy for around $6.


Holla if you’re you’re an Amazon-obsessed, Prime member extraordinaire who lives for deliveries like this girl? There could be just baby formula, diapers, socket covers or something random but the eliminating the need to run to the store — particularly for bigger items like my paper towels – is a pretty big victory in the busy mom playbook. I know I’m not alone in my love affair with Amazon so thought I’d share with you from time to time my latest purchases. I love that the price is usually the lowest, though in instances like the kick board, I fully could have found a cheaper one but it was a Wednesday, there was no chance I could get to a store without being majorly inconvenienced, so I paid an extra $5, and it arrived just two days later, in time for a weekend by the pool. Totally worth it. I always try to remember that at the end of the day, as much as  I love to save, find a deal, our time equals money. I’ve realized sometimes it’s worth not running that errand during lunch or after work (and being away from my family)…. that time is way too valuable.

My latest Amazon deliveries! What are yours??

Favorite Amazon purchases

reads#girlboss: a must for a business owner or girl who wants to move on up, and tell me again about the night I was born, a great book for adoptive parents to read to kids (and a great conversation topic for us to read to our daughter, who I did carry).

iPhone case (comes in a dozen color combos): because it’s the accessory I carry everywhere. Fairly protective with a slight lip. Love the shiny white + matte gold.

gym gear:  balega hidden comfort tab running socks: I’ve never splurged on socks until recently and I’m obsessed. The ankle tab eliminates any slipping into your sneaker, and the cushy bottom with breathable top are worth it.  Also love my new camelback water bottle for my time on the treadmill, or just around the house

for my little fish: adore the fun tie-dye print on this speedo kick board (and shhh, it was my personal victory of not succumbing to another princess or Frozen promo item!). Great quality.


I’m not sure how nearly four years of blogging has gone by without me writing this post… I’m watch ob-sessed. They somehow make my outfit (at least in my world!). Since I’m switching up the outfit/style posts to Wednesdays, head here each Monday for other fun and helpful style-related content. This week: watches! Watches are an awesome way to make a statement, give a subtle look at your style… and keep you on time. Give thought to the size of the watch head: the larger the more contemporary, the smaller the more classic.

Invest in a classic watch, like a silver or two-tone, and then add in a few other mid-level watches to round-out the collection. I find myself partial to two: my black leather band watch, and my white acrylic. I’m also rotating in a rose gold and my newer wood watch, which is cool, light and a great conversation topic. Check out TAGG’s picks here, and heads up: tried to source the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks when possible; you can save big (on watches full price elsewhere) there right now. Do you have a go-to watch?

10 favorite watch finds

1. michael kors rose gold watch (in gold, too) // 2. fossil black watch (for more bling, try: michael kors black watch) // 3. kate spade white leather watch // 4. kate spade petite pave watch (perfect for black tie!) // 5. rumbatime purple adjustable watch (water resistant!) // 6. kate spade navy leather watch (love in pink, too!) // 7. michael kors tortoise shell (look for less) // 8. burberry silver watch // 9. la mer studded leather watch // 10. skagen gold watch (great slim face)


Truth be told, I’ve unnecessarily been eyeing the lamp on the left and pretty much the entire web site of Lulu & Georgia for an embarrassingly long time. They have such good home decor….the rugs, art, accessories, totally worth it — all feel original and special. Be careful: the site has become a time warp there’s so much home eye candy. That said, do I neeeeed to spend $400 right now on a set of lamps for our master bedroom? I have a lot of other spaces I’d like to invest in.

Enter, this own-worthy version. While the shape is not identical, it’s the closest match with the gold/bronze base detail and overall feel that I’ve found in a long time. The navy set with this white shade is in my cart, and feeling confident it will add the perfect color punch with our light grey walls, white duvet and orange x-benches for less than half the price of the version I’ve been ogling.

gourd lamps -- ogle or own


shop this style: ogle // own 

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