transitioning the LWD to fall
You know that LWD that you’re not ready to retire just yet? You’re not alone. As fun as it is to talk about Fall, and I do loooovveee Fall clothes, it’s still better to hang on to summer. I always like to find ways to wear clothes in the typical off season, so long as it’s done the right way. For example, I’ll fully wear my neon hot pink sweater in the winter with faux black leather joggers or black pants, and darker accessories. Or, light denim with a chunky knit to the movies on a chilly night. Same goes with white dresses. The easiest way to bring it beyond Labor Day is to top it with a dark blazer and accessories.

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ice bucket challenge

I have serious love/hate feelings toward the ice bucket challenge, a spirited challenge to help raise funds for ALS.

As someone in PR and marketing, it’s my ultimate dream that one of my clients — particularly a nonprofit — would generate this level of exposure, see donations jump by the millions and witness the email database quad-million-drouple (I’m sure there’s a technical term), all as a result of an organic, grassroots effort by passionate people eager to help support and raise awareness for a critical, devastating disorder. After all, I have something hardly anyone knows about. I’d be dancing around the office like a crazy lady if it got anywhere near the same level of support or awareness.

Yet, do I really want to dump on a bucket of ice on my head because you did it, posted it on Facebook, possibly with your kids, and dared me to do so? I enjoyed watching your video (at least in the beginning, if we’re being truthful), and some of them have been legit laugh-out-loud funny, but pass. No interest. I almost did, but only because doing so after coming back from the gym sounded appealing. I love you friends but I don’t see the point. And, I’m not donating $100 either. I’ll donate $10 for the two friends who dared me (thanks D & J!). Keep Reading —>>


The slip-on sneakers trend continues! I have a pair of black slip-ons (worn here; these are similar) and can’t wait to live in them this fall. They’re so easy, let my crazy self move faster than wearing flip-flops of flats — though I do love my flats! — and have that cool girl vibe.  While I majorly coveted a leopard pair last year I couldn’t pull the trigger; $100 for leopard sneaks? Couldn’t do it. That’s why this pair is such a steal… get the look for way, way less. They’re currently on sale for $19! Wear them now with a v-neck tee and cut-offs, and pair them this fall with a denim button down and black leggings. Outfit with personality complete.

look for less: leopard slip-on sneakers

ogle: sam edelman // own: mossimo


embroidered white dress // the average girl's guide

We might be in August and I might have fall attire on the brain but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to soak up the last month of summer style, particularly when it comes in the form of the most fabulous white + embroidered dress that’s, ready for it… a whopping $26. I’ve seen a few bloggers style this and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. We’re heading on a much-needed family trip soon, and this dress is 100 percent hitting the road with us!

The multi color print here means this goes with everything. I almost wore it with black flip flops and a fuchsia cross body, for example, and the teal would be such a pretty color to play with, too. The dress is from Sheinside, a brand where everything is super affordable. Shipping can take a little more or less time but the outcome is worth it.

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