The past few months I’ve really been looking to take better care of my skin, and perfect and simplify my daily routine. My latest loves reflect just this; from favorite new skin care products to ones focused to perfect the natural look, check out the ones I’ve been coveting lately, and why:


1. Nudestix lip and cheek pencil and Nudestix magnetic eye color // This new brand is all about enhancing our natural assets, and does just that. I love, love the lip and cheek pencil, and the eye color pencil is fool proof (victory!). I love the caps with the built-in caps and shape has been perfect for on-the-go. I used to have to take multiple products with me for any touch-ups before any evening events; now two pencils and I’m ready to roll.

2. Frank Coffee Scrub // this product with a cult following is well deserved. I’ve only used it a handful of time but I way it leaves my skin feeling ultra clean and moisturized. They all smell delicious, too. The only downer is that it can be a bit of a mess in the shower but well worth it.

3. Tocca hand cream {also love this set} // My hands have started to feel more dry the last year or so yet I’m so anti any moisturizer or hand cream that leaves a greasy feeling. This feels good, hydrates and smells amazing. Like really amazing. Those gift sets mentioned above might become a go-to this season!

4. Dry Brush // I tried this after hearing about it from my latest online food site obsession, The Food Babe; use this before the shower to exfoliate your skin and  it’s also known to improve circulation. It can feel rough the first time but I really like it now. I’m sure it will be great for those dealing with a colder climate in the winter.

5. Cover Girl ‘melted toffee’ lip gloss // a great bargain lip gloss (talking under $6!) and this melted toffee color is such a gorgeous, rich neutral for fall. Go bold with your eyes, or just simply wear it in lieu of nothing on days when you’re super casual running around. Big fan.

6. Shiseido Benefiance Extra Foamy Cleansing Foam  // Cannot say enough good things about this wash. Must confess that it’s my priciest face wash but after my friend Ashley raved for months about it I finally sampled it at Sephora, and then purchased. One, it lasts foorrreeevvveeerrr. You need so little — it gets really foamy! — that price per wash is probably lower than a drugstore buy. Two, it provides this really deep and amazing clean that I haven’t gotten in a long time from at least a half dozen other brands.


two ways to wear: plaid blazer

When it comes to fall style trends, the menswear look is definitely toward the top. Think pants looks, particularly coordinating suits, button downs and more. I’ve been so tempted to try this trend so when Target recently suggested a Real Talk Test Drive, where I styled one of the pieces you picked, I was thrilled that a plaid blazer won the Facebook poll (thank you to everyone who voted!). I’ve been dying to add a little plaid to my wardrobe and in blazer form it also hits that cool menswear trend.  Faux leather leggings came in second (see this post for a recent way we styled leggings), and faux fur vest came in third — thank goodness because this Florida girl is not sure sweat goes with it! I’ll definitely be doing another poll on Facebook again; love being able to create the looks you want to see most.

I love a blazer because it’s such a classic silhouette that adds a professional and put-together touch to any look. While I usually stick to solids — black, navy and white — it was so fun to play around with a plaid option. This Target blazer is such a find — similar looks can retail for at least three times as much (which is why I’ve put off buying one). The quality here is great, the darker print is so wearable in a variety of situations, and I love the fun details like the sophisticated striped lining you can see if you cuff the sleeves. In keeping with the menswear vibe, I first styled this blazer for work with a coordinating pencil skirt — it’s a look I’ve seen and have always been tempted to take on a style test drive — and then as a topper to a casual white tee and jeans look. It’s definitely an easy way to make  a casual look work for Friday at the office, or to make a tee and jeans feel like a finished ensemble.

plaid suit // the average girl's guide

plaid suit // the average girl's guide

PS: apologies for the massive light situation happening above. The weather here has been crazy! #realgirlproblems. As for this combo, must confess that while this outfit was a complete departure from my usual, I absolutely loved wearing it on Monday to work. I can see myself more frequently wearing each of these as separates (love the idea of this skirt with a great creamy cable-knit in the winter!), however I think they’re so fun together, too.
plaid suit // the average girl's guide

outfit one: blazer // skirt // tank // heels (similar, or this)// earrings // little necklace // magnolia necklace // watch // clear iPhone case

plaid blazer // the average girl's guide

What’s cool about this outfit? It follows the easy formula of last week’s outfit, just with a different color boot and a more structured topper. Fall uniform!

plaid blazer // the average girl's guide
plaid blazer // the average girl's guide

plaid blazer // the average girl's guide

outfit two: blazer // jeans // tee // boots (similar) // ring // purse (last year’s target x philip lim collab)


Find your style @targetstyle.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.


style steal: booties

October 21, 2014


If you’re looking for a pair of affordable, stylish and comfy booties… found them! I bought these last season after Kimberly from Penny Pincher Fashion, one of my bloggie bff’s — also known for finding the best/quality deals on the planet! — kept wearing them over and over. I couldn’t resist, and I’m so glad I went for it. At under $35, they’re a valuable closet asset that works with dresses, pants, with tights, anything. Included below are two ways I’ve worn them on the blog but I’ve also styled them with destroyed denim and a blouse, for example. This Florida girl admittedly hasn’t worn hers in as much as Kimberly who swears they’re insanely comfy so if you’re on the hunt for booties, and even if you’re not a Forever 21 shopper, these are a worthy purchase.


three ways to style a denim blouse for fall // the average girl's guide

outfit details: first photo here // second photo here

PS: if you’re debating anything else at Forever21, every season I adore its cozier pieces in a really big way…. I’m constantly finding sweaters and sweatshirts I want to scoop up. For example, don’t miss these: 1, 2, 3 and 4!


TAGG Talk: Power of a Smile

October 20, 2014

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance and power of a smile? 

It’s really remarkable. When you see someone, tell a funny joke, look at your little kids, flirt with someone, or anything else, a smile is like art — it says a million words, without saying anything. Is it a smirk or a full-out grin? Seeing smiles are contagious, and infectious. Have you ever been in a tense or crappy situation and then someone… smiled? While I can naturally be short tempered (I think it’s my desire to accomplish 16 things in 4 minutes!), I try my best to always smile, particularly at those who are working — I can imagine they don’t get many smiles coming their way.


I remember when I didn’t always feel confident to give that big smile.

When I was young I had a space between my two front teeth. I hated it. I wasn’t cool like the iconic model, Lauren Hutton; I was chubby, moved around a bunch, and not at all self confident. I felt so awkward and that certainly didn’t help. Braces worked in the long run but who ever felt like showing off a mouth full of metal? Not this girl. If only you could see those mid-1990s Glamour Shots that I pray have been burned!

More recently, I had an frustrating smile moment that did more than impact my smile.

Without getting into too many dental details, I had the most agonizing few months in order to re-do a crown on a top molar I just had done last year. Ugh. Pain and time aside, my temporary crown would not stay in. I mean, nothing worked (and accidental sour gummies were only to blame once! :) ).  Before the permanent one went in, my dentist and I decided to just keep the temporary out so for nearly a week and a half, despite it being toward the back of my mouth, I felt so uncomfortable giving a big smile or laugh. And, it was crazy how it really impacted my whole self confidence. I didn’t want to smile as big to fam or friends, give a big chuckle, and didn’t want to be photographed for the blog. I felt restricted.

Have you had something, your smile or anything else, that you felt has held you back?

When Invisalign® approached me last month about their confidence campaign based on giving women (and men) the opportunity to perfect their smile so they’d feel more self confidence, I was immediately on board because I was at-that-moment completely got the impact of dealing with that every single day. Mine was short term so I couldn’t imagine how self confidence would feel for more long-term challenges I know my husband has considered Invisalign with our dentist for his bottom teeth because since they’re a little crooked again since his braces days. He like that they’re way more discreet than braces — no wires or brackets needed, hello scary teenage years flashback! — and they now has more advanced technology to fix everything from underbite to overbite, crowding or widely spaced teeth, in addition to minor issues.

Is your smile holding you back? If it is, take theInvisalign Smile Assessment to find out if Invisalign is right for you as you take steps to increase your confidence. And, if you’re someone lucky enough to have a killer set of teeth, don’t be shy about showing them off. I love the quote above that I found on Pinterest; it’s so true. Radiate your smile and create some extra happiness today.


Disclosure: this post is brought to you by invisalign. All opinions are 100 percent my own. 

Be sure to check out the Invisalign Countdown to Confidence Sweepstakes, which gives entrants the chance to win a free Invisalign treatment as well as daily prizes. The Invisalign Countdown to Confidence Sweepstakes is awarding one winner $100 each day for 60 days plus a chance to win the grand prize: free Invisalign treatment and $1,000.

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