transitioning the LWD to fall
You know that LWD that you’re not ready to retire just yet? You’re not alone. As fun as it is to talk about Fall, and I do loooovveee Fall clothes, it’s still better to hang on to summer. I always like to find ways to wear clothes in the typical off season, so long as it’s done the right way. For example, I’ll fully wear my neon hot pink sweater in the winter with faux black leather joggers or black pants, and darker accessories. Or, light denim with a chunky knit to the movies on a chilly night. Same goes with white dresses. The easiest way to bring it beyond Labor Day is to top it with a dark blazer and accessories.

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ice bucket challenge

I have serious love/hate feelings toward the ice bucket challenge, a spirited challenge to help raise funds for ALS.

As someone in PR and marketing, it’s my ultimate dream that one of my clients — particularly a nonprofit — would generate this level of exposure, see donations jump by the millions and witness the email database quad-million-drouple (I’m sure there’s a technical term), all as a result of an organic, grassroots effort by passionate people eager to help support and raise awareness for a critical, devastating disorder. After all, I have something hardly anyone knows about. I’d be dancing around the office like a crazy lady if it got anywhere near the same level of support or awareness.

Yet, do I really want to dump on a bucket of ice on my head because you did it, posted it on Facebook, possibly with your kids, and dared me to do so? I enjoyed watching your video (at least in the beginning, if we’re being truthful), and some of them have been legit laugh-out-loud funny, but pass. No interest. I almost did, but only because doing so after coming back from the gym sounded appealing. I love you friends but I don’t see the point. And, I’m not donating $100 either. I’ll donate $10 for the two friends who dared me (thanks D & J!). Keep Reading —>>


6 must haves for fall

August 25, 2014

Can you believe that next Monday starts September? Nuts. Even as a Florida girl who’s still battling 90 degree temperatures, it’s fun to embrace Fall styles, colors and textures. We just modify here based on the weather. Here are six must haves that you can start to wear now and use through to spring.


6 pieces for fall

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cargo jacket: cute over dresses & denim/tee pairings // anything grey: watch (or this tote!) — even more versatile than black! // stylish sweatshirt (25% off, code SHOPNOW) // striped tee with leather sleeves: the most perfect fall tee // skinny distressed denim (in mid-rise) — the new mid-rise in this ultra popular bargain denim has become a quick favorite // pointy toe flats (also comes in black, and red suede) – just like last year’s madewell pair, yet half the price (win!)


Acid wash denim, back… really? I was surprised as you likely were and was convinced I would never wear it — I mean, hello, I’m 34, a mom and well, it’s acid wash — until I saw this subtly faded black/grey pair. I’ve wanted a grey pair of denim for a while and haven’t had a pair that fit well. The mid-rise on these are super flattering, the acid wash adds a flattering texture, and most importantly, doesn’t make me look like I’m trying to be 22 (or worse, 16).  Not all trends work for everyone, often it’s simply my body type isn’t designed for certain items or that it’s not age appropriate, but this hue is a great way to make it work if you’re looking to play into this denim trend, without the spend (they’re under $30).

Having trouble at the moment finding this exact pair on Target’s site but these denim leggings are great if you’re new to the skinny trend, too. They don’t have front pockets — which took me getting used to — however that creates a flat front (i.e. more flattering!) and they’re stretchy so they don’t feel tight as others might.
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