Crop tops always seemed daunting, and something a 16-year old girl would wear, not this 34-year old. But, listen up: crop tops are where it’s at, and are figure flattering on a variety of sizes (including bust sizes). Don’t be intimidated… they can be more flattering than a typical top when styled right. I purchased the rhinestone top below before my NYC trip (wearing it here), and I also got the scalloped tank in black (styled here, wearing these earrings); it’s actually such a steal I might buy another color. In both instances, pairing it with higher waist skirts did the trick. Just yesterday, I convinced a very hesitant friend to grey quilted try one at Target (can’t find online)… instant purchase. She looked so fantastic, and inspired me to do this post.

A few tips to keep your crop top age appropriate:
– Ensure your bottoms meet up with our top so when you move around, only a sliver of skin shows (if that).
– Pairing it with a knee-length pencil skirt or a more voluminous midi length (just past your knees) is a great way to balance the tinier top.
– Nervous about baring skin? Add a blazer!
– Go matchy-matchy! You’ll find tons of crop tops with coordinating skirts; it’s a fresh take on a typical dress (remember my spring example?).

Three Ways to Wear: Crop Top

workrhinestone top // vegan leather pencil skirt // booties (or this, for less) // purse // watch

weekend: cropped sweater + and heels (identical)

date nightscalloped tank // midi skirt // heels // earrings // purse (all black hardware… goes with everything!)


outfit: tummy control x 2

September 10, 2014

I’m not sure where tummy control has been all my life, but wow it makes a difference. Until last year, I never really wore tummy control this, or thigh-smoothing that. I just purchased around what I was trying to camouflage… including my often bloated belly. I realized last year that a little hidden help hurts no one and let’s be honest, can make a huge impact!

Enter these leggings and skirt by new-to-me brand, Lysse. Genius that you can eliminate wearing all the “control” undergarments when your actual clothes fit the right way. This brand was created by a women battling the same issues as all us girls; the fabrics by Lysse focus on flattering, accentuating and minimizing anything distracting. The leggings for example have a higher waist with tummy control. They sit perfectly on my waist, minimizing chance of the dreaded muffin top, and they didn’t roll all day. I love, love, love the leather side panel which as I styled below as a sample fall outfit, can go from sneakers to heels quite quickly!  I will be living in these. They’re leggings, they’re cool black pants. And, most importantly: they’re flattering. High five! I know they’re on the pricier side for “leggings” but consider them much more. They’re really black pants you can wear to work, weekends, nights out, anytime

layers // the average girl's guide
The Lysse skirt is another winner.
I’ve admittedly tried on lots of skirts like this — cozy cotton pencil skirts seem like they’ll be the best closet staple — yet they always failed… too thin, they ride up on my waist, they’re an awkward length, or they didn’t flatter. While I recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes, this skirt eliminated all my issues with other brands and is also ultra cozy. I can see my slipping this on for work, and then also for errands on the weekends.

pencil skirt, purple sweater & print heels More photos from each of these looks, after the jump…
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get the style (for way less)
: denim blouse & plus size // black pants or denim // black flats (or these!) // purse, or this

Friday, you’re here! Actually, it’s one of those weeks that I’d kill for an extra weekday/workday. Who says that, right? Too much to do, too little time, and I’ve been thrown off course a million times (including major phone problems). I’m beyond excited though to crank it all out today because tomorrow I’m heading to NYC for a few Fashion Week related parties (not actually shows, I’m not that cool!). Instead of packing, I of course was playing on Pinterest where I stumbled across this most perfect Fall outfit.

Yeah, this girl is wearing designer but us real girls can easily replicate for a fraction of the cost. It’s just so casual yet cool. Plus, wear the denim shirt now with shorts or over a dress, pair the black pants with a fun tee, and everyone needs a gorgeous pair of black handbag and flats.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, and if you’re curious what I’m up to while in the City, be sure to follow along via Instagram (just pray the genius bar gets my phone working again).




When it comes to dressing for our bodies, I’ve found through reading blogs and hearing your questions that too often we’re so focused on concealing what we don’t like that we forget to flaunt what we have! I’m guilty of it, too. I’d conceal my hips, avoid too tight blouses, or skirts and dresses that showed too much leg. I’d wear blousier tops instead of highlighting my natural waistline or my collar bone, which I love.

Since mid-Spring I’ve been back to working out and eating better, and feeling so much better as a result. I’m far from buff but I see muscle in my legs and arms I’m not sure I’ve ever seen! Being 34, I’m finally wearing shorts without cringing — partially due to feeling better — and also from realizing we’re all human and I can’t sweat to death in jeans to avoid someone seeing a little extra cellulite.

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