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Say this four times fast! Talk about a delicious tongue twister. Excited to bring this latest recipe from food contributor, Libby, to you, this time in a fun little partnership with her sister who created this recipe together. See how these talented, adorable blondies created decadent… blondies! 

Brown butter bourbon blondies recipe

Hi… food blogger Libby here. My sister was just in town for a blissful, way-too-short week where we spent the entire time eating our way through town. We visited all the greatest restaurants, gorged ourselves on the best dishes and sampled the most exotic food we could find (kangaroo, pork belly and foie gras anyone?). How my mom gave birth to two foodies with photographic stomachs and insatiable appetites is beyond me.

One afternoon, I cajoled her into the kitchen for an afternoon of baking…. Keep Reading —>>


Get ready to salivate (and probably pin at the same time!) as you check out the latest post by food and photographer contributor, Libby. The roasted tomatoes are so easy; now that I have the instructions (and it can cook while I’m sleeping!), I’m totally considering how else I can integrate them into dishes. Great idea!

I was interested in making a flavorful fall dish that featured roasted tomatoes. I struggle so much to find a tasty tomato – most of the time I just skip them completely. But after slow roasting them in my oven overnight, I found them delicious. Most pasta dishes, particularly those accented with roasted tomatoes, are laden with Parmigiano-Reggiano or a salty (non fat-free) feta, which I’m sure would be amazing in here as well. But I couldn’t forget a delicious pasta dish I had a few years ago where a whole wheel of Brie was thrown into the sauté pan at the end.

I chatted over my ideas about this dish with a local “chef-y”-friend, who encouraged me to go for the low-and-slow method of roasting the tomato and suggested rather than just mixing the brie into the dish, I stick it under the broiler for a few minutes. The Brie covers the pasta perfectly without watering it down. Plus, when you wake up with the tomatoes already roasted, you feel like you accomplished something while you slept!

Keep reading for the recipe + more images how to recreate this delicious dish… Keep Reading —>>


arugula and burrata salad

October 17, 2013

Another delicious, easy and healthy recipe from our food & photog contributor, Libby. Yum! This is one of my personal favorites… 

arugula and burrata salad

My introduction to burrata came from a charming, Italian gentleman, who handmade the cheese in enormous vats – an old-world cheese artisan that I had driven 50 miles to meet. To say I was entranced wouldn’t even begin to cover the spell that was cast that first day. Handful after handful of beautiful, pillowy milky-colored cheese emerged from his fingertips within moments. Magical. On the outside, burrata looks a lot like fresh mozzarella. But once you cut into it, it’s like releasing an egg of more soft mozzarella that’s been infused with cream. In a word – amazing.
My Italian friend told me the best way to eat it was on a bed of arugula, drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.  I took home the fresh cheese and the next day, I visited a local farm for the last of its spring crop of arugula. That night, I did just as he instructed – using high-quality olive oil and big, fat kosher sea salt. I served it for a simple dinner party. It was by far the easiest salad I’ve ever served for company and a truly fantastic explosion of flavors.
Since that first night, I’ve had this salad many, many times. I’ve served it for many more dinner parties and the bowls have always come back clean. Pair with a Verdicchio – a crisp Italian white wine for an even more elegant experience. I’ve eaten it myself when I needed a special treat. I’ve used it as a base, then topped with grilled chicken and cashews for my fiancé and I. However you serve it, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as that first cut into it that releases the creaminess as it rushes out and coats the arugula.
Arugula Salad
More burrata-infused photos, and the recipe, after the jump….
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