street corn // the average girl's guide
From Alyson: Food contributor, Libby, and I were exchanging emails when she refereced this amazing corn she just made. I probably haven’t shared it here but the perfect creamed corn — or corn on the cob — might be one of my all-time favorite sides. So good. I insisted she make it for us, just in time for a weekend full of casual 4th of July BBQs. Add this rich side dish to anything you have grilling — chicken or steak, some roasted veggies. Delicious!

From Libby: It started with a trip to Tacos Al Carbon in South Florida, which sells some of the best tacos and Mexican food. While waiting for what felt like hours on a busy Friday night, we noticed a side stand selling corn in soda cups. It sounded irresistible to me so I excitedly approached. Keep Reading —>>


chicken & vegetable lettuce wraps // the average girl's guide

From food contributor, Libby Volgyes: This recipe capitalizes on fresh spring vegetables - snow peas, green onions, butter lettuce (when available) — and delicious garlic  for an easy night recipe that everyone can enjoy. Plus, they just look pretty!

chicken & vegetable lettuce wraps // the average girl's guide

Lettuce Wraps with Chicken and Spring Vegetables


2 Tablespoons sesame oil
One package chicken cutlets, cut into two-inch strips
4 cloves garlic, cut into pieces
2 bunches green onions, green parts only
2 cups mixed mushrooms, chopped into small pieces (Use morels if you can find them - they’re in season in the springtime)
2 cups snow peas, chopped into small pieces
¼ cup or more Hoisin sauce
1 Tablespoon soy sauce
1 head radicchio or butter lettuce
Cashews Keep Reading —>>


kale chips // three ways

January 24, 2014

After the fantastic response to the first post here about kale chips, food contributor Libby couldn’t resist bringing you phase two: three ways to dress up guaranteed to make you want to scarf them up! Check it out… 


Since it’s still January, we’ll give you one more healthy eating recipe before we tempt you with anything with sugar, flour or lots of carbs. Alyson published a delicious intro to baked kale chips here, and during a quiet January day, I wondered if there was a way to spice up the normal kale chips. And by spice, I do mean spice:  I’m a girl that has an affinity for a kick.

I raided my pantry (I was feeling too lazy to even run to the grocery store) and put together three recipes featuring three varying flavor profiles. While all might not be for you,  I hope you’ll try to find your favorite (and keep eating that kale)! I’m one of those nerdy food geeks that believe in the healing power of food – and kale is one of those super healthy foods that people who know far more than me keep saying we must keep eating!

Here are the recipes! Keep Reading —>>



New year, new healthy lifestyle! At least that’s the goal. While January is all about “healthy,” winter also calls for hearty, filling meals. This can be such a contradiction! Luckily, this salad Libby created totally fits the bill. It’s healthy yet completely satisfying so you’re not grabbing for a snack an hour later (hate that with some wimpy salads!). Once you’ve made this once, have fun by changing it up with your favorite ingredients.  Well maybe not… there are so many fun flavors here already!

Keep reading for the recipe… (and some pretty saliva-inducing photos!). Keep Reading —>>

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