confetti sparklers

Welcome! I wish I could throw confetti out of the screen to each of you right now to share the excitement of the relaunch of The Average Girl’s Guide. It’s been an insanely long time coming; a process that started over a year ago and was put on hold a few times, the longest after our baby boy was born nearly a year ago. But, forget all that… we’re here! And, I’m humbled and blessed each day that you’re joining me for this incredible new chapter.

I’ve had a vision for a more contemporary site where you could access quality content relevant to your life now, not simply based on the linear/traditional chronological format for the previous site. And, all packaged in a much prettier, easier-to-navigate site. Now, the vision is a reality.  Check out the scrolling feature at the top for a mix of the latest posts and content you’d want to use now, from holiday recipes and book reviews to major style inspiration how to style sweatshirts and vests for winter. Take advantage of the “sticky” navigation bar that’s still on the page as you scroll down, with the search bar just to the right.  Visit, hang, take a few minutes to hang out, click-around and see what works (and please bear with me the next few weeks until it’s just right!).

I also thought this would be the ideal time to take a step back to acknowledge something very important: what this site is, and who it’s designed for. I created TAGG four years ago because I wholeheartedly believe that at the end of the day, we are all the same average/real girl who just want to live our best life. It’s that simple.

It absolutely does not mean that you or me are average in any way. I’m wow’ed (but not surprised!) as I meet and connect with each day so many phenomenal, talented, smart, beautiful and driven women, both through this site and my local community. It’s also not that your clothes have to be average, be it in style or price point. While it’s not realistic that the “average” girl has a closet full of designer, I see no shame in owning quality pieces you invest in because you want or deserve or save up for them. Go for it! Lastly, it’s not that you need/should to live an ‘average’ life in the middle lane. While our jobs and lives might vary greatly, so much of what we’re looking to learn and accomplish is the same… which is why TAGG is here.

Before I started this site I might have been your more typical ‘average girl,’ with a standard job at a PR firm, a great husband, a baby girl on the way (now nearly 5 years old!), and a bit more of the expected. I was and am blessed. I fully recognize that my life the past four years hasn’t been ‘average’ — but I’m still that same real girl who tries each day to put together a cute, professional look, kill it at work and try to make a dinner that’s 1/3 decent as it looks on Pinterest (ok, let’s be honest… no Amy’s frozen meal would be a win!). I want exceptional things for me, and for each of you.

I can’t thank each of you enough for being part of this community.  For commenting, for emailing for everything about an outfit you loved, to sympathize or share words of support during my personal struggles, or…  because you completely disagreed with something I had to share.  I love it all, and I only hope that continues to grow with this new site. It fulfills me and thrills me in unparalleled ways! Please email me absolutely anytime, with feedback, with topic ideas you’d like to see, just to say hi. I love it.

Lastly, when I’m talking about fellow “average gals” who are anything but average, I must profusely thank — in alpha order so I don’t have to pick! — Aly and Ceci. Aly designed this brand spanking new site, and does all the graphic design for clients at my PR firm. She’s one of the most talented, kind, genuine and helpful people I’ve ever met. I’m awful at design, awful — definitely below average! — and she somehow conveys my madness and vague visions into beauty. That’s a talent. Ceci is the rock star of my social media, web coding, analytics and marketing, dreams. Fully have a professional girl crush. I could and have listened to her speak about all of those topics for hours; I’m in awe. Plus, she’s just insanely awesome, puts together great outfits, and made this magically go from the test site to here. I wouldn’t know where to start, and she made it so easy. She also designs really great sites, and recently helped a nonprofit I’m involved with. Highly recommend both of them!

So, that’s that. New site — woot!

I know I’ve thanked you once but thank you again. You help each day make so many of my dreams and bucket list items come true, and yet I feel like my biggest reward at the end of this has been you. I find it hard to type that in a way that doesn’t sound totally nerding out cheesy but truth is truth, and I’m grateful and blessed for all of this. Looking forward to a lot more!