10 tips to beat belly bloat

June 17, 2014

10 tips to beat belly bloat

Bloating is not only not glam to talk about, it’s just the worst in general! It’s bad enough when it’s hidden under winter season’s oversized sweaters and sweatshirts but with summer here, it’s definitely challenging to hide a belly so bloated you look six-months pregnant. Trust me; I’ve been there. I used to have the worst bloating…  so much so that I hardly wore belts for three years and stopped wearing a lot of my more fitted blouses and dresses. Since I have a host of gastro issues I’ve finally started to focus on them. The past few months I’ve been heading to the doctors, and implementing key changes that have resulted in a major impact.

Who doesn’t want a flatter stomach all-year-long? Check out these 10 tips to fight the bloat.

1. WATCH YOUR DIET! Yes, there are definitely things like lactose, sugars, alcohol and others that can be triggers for many but others can really be specific to you. As soon as I cut out most carbs in favor of fresh, natural foods — fruits, some vegetables, lean meats — I saw a big difference. Next time you get bloated, really think about what you ate — and how fast you ate it. Eating slower is proven to be a helpful step.

2. SODA & CARBONATION. Put drinks in the control mix; high-sugar or high-carbonation drinks like soda can add to the bloat and make you feel inflated. Same goes for anything that creates extra air, like chewing gum. Eliminating soda from my diet has been hugely helpful.

2. ELIMINATE THE FAKE SUGARS. Yes, a quick way to cut calories is to sub out real sugar for the artificial stuff, but most stuff made with fake sugar is made with a lot of other bad-for-you fake and chemical-ridden ingredients. Sorbitol, xylitol and mannitol, for example, are sugar alcohols found in diet sodas and sugar-free gum. Eliminate.

3. WATCH YOUR FIBER INTAKE. My gastro and I are always talking about eliminating bloat (and constipation) by controlling fiber intake. Fiber, often found in great stuff like veggies, fruits and beans, can definitely add to “pregnant belly syndrome.” Instead opt for a protein-rich diet full of lean meats, eggs and avocados for example. Cooking vegetables instead of eating raw is another helpful solution.

4. DRINK MORE WATER. Keep things moving along by upping your h2o intake! It’s so good for you, from digestion to clearer skin, and can also help keep you feel full longer.

5. RULE OUT CONSTIPATION. Let’s get real: are you going to the bathroom enough? If not, this could be a major culprit. All of the solutions here can help this, but consider seeing a gastro to rule out anything more serious.

6. GIVE YOURSELF A STOMACH MASSAGE. Sounds silly but it works! In reality you’re helping move out gas bubbles and move along a slow system.

7. GET MOVING! Even just 20 minutes of physical activity, be it gym time, a fun new fitness class, a brisk walk during a gossip session with a friend — it all counts. It keeps food moving through your digestive track and has been the single most effective gastro-related helper for me. To get super personal, I crave going to the gym, not only for the physical benefits but also for its help with my constipation and bloat.

8. LIMIT SODIUM. Make the connection between afternoon bloat and that sushi roll laden in soy sauce? That’s the cause. Packaged food and canned vegetables are also major sources of hidden sodium. Seek out products that say no or low sodium, and aim for 1,500-2,300 mg per day.

9. EAT THE GOOD STUFF. Studies have shown that parsley, bananas (rich in potassium), ginger, peppermint tea and yogurts containing probiotics (the good bacteria) can help reduce bloating.

10. REDUCE STRESS! High anxiety and high stress do more than give you a tight chest, the expression making your stomach in knots has  a strong foundation. Try deep breaths, and find ways to mitigate stress to keep your hormones and body in check.

Other tips? Share them here in the comments section!


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  • Kellyann

    Thanks for the information! So helpful. A few months ago I cut out carbonated drinks. Next up for me is getting rid of the fake sweeteners, I am using stevia now and not so sure I can cut it out completely!

  • TheDecorina

    Such great suggestions! Thanks for sharing. I love peppermint tea. (#9) I like to drink it in the evening if I get that snack attack feeling after dinner. It helps me feel like I have had a treat.

  • http://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/ Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen

    Great tips, A! I have been loving what is called Belly Water, I by chance flipped channels to Steve Harvey who was discussing it and he learned it from Dr. Oz. I take a pitcher of water and add one lemon sliced (with peel), some sliced fresh ginger, half a cucumber sliced (with peel), and some fresh mint torn up. As I drink I refill the pitcher and the ingredients last all day. Helps with digestion, bloating, and tastes great helping me and the family drink more water!

  • Kristin Clark

    Amazing tips!! Thank you for sharing! I’m in my best friend’s wedding next week and have been trying to power through the next few days to look my best haha. Need to do ALL of this!

    Kristin of LivingInColorPrint.com

  • Audrey Allure

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