rosemary + parmesan roasted potato wedges

May 24, 2013

When it comes to Memorial Day weekend, food should be easy. Barbecues, picnics, food that transports to the beach and pool, and great finger foods. For a ‘que in the ‘hood, these roasted potato wedges sprinkled with rosemary and parm are the best accompaniment. Instead of heating up the entire oven — or taking up valuable grill space — consider using a smaller convection toaster oven like this Frigidaire.

I’ve always been a toaster oven kind of girl because I like one countertop appliance that multi-tasks: toasts, bakes, roasts, customizes for cookies and pizzas, you name it, and it pre-heats way faster than my huge-o regular oven. The quality on this one is awesome, and it can fit six slices of bread at once, a 12″ pizza and even a 13×9 pan (perfect for casserole time). My regular oven is getting ready to retire. I digress… check out this yummy recipe! Happy weekend, TAGG’ers.

2 potatoes (modify based on needs)
2 Tbsp. oil
parmesan cheese
fresh rosemary
seasonings, to taste: minced garlic, salt, black pepper

rosemary + parm roasted potatoes || the average girl's guide

Directions, more pics + the scoop on a fun giveaway happening next week, after the jump… 

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. You need it steamin’ hot in order to brown and crisp up the potatoes.
Scrub (I use this; amazingly helpful) and thoroughly dry potatoes.
Cut each in half lengthwise, and then cut roughly each half into quarters.
Put them in a bowl, and toss with olive oil, parmesan, salt, pepper and minced garlic. Don’t be shy here, coat well.
Place on a coated banking sheet in a single layer. Cook approximately 40 minutes, stirring once.
Sprinkle with fresh rosemary and parmesan.

rosemary + parm roasted potatoes || the average girl's guide

So easy, right? Wouldn’t steer you wrong! Psst… giveaway alert! Check back next week where TAGG is partnering with Frigidaire to gift one reader its amazing blender for the new countertop line. Doesn’t hurt that it’s really pretty, too!  {and, did you see the delish panini recipe review highlighting its 5-in-1 griddle? That bad boy takes the cake in our kitchen these days. We just want to panini every sandwich. #nojoking rosemary + parm roasted potatoes || the average girl's guide

rosemary + parm roasted potatoes || the average girl's guide

rosemary + parm roasted potatoes || the average girl's guide

Disclosure: Frigidaire provided me the convection toaster oven for the purposes of this post, however all opinions are my own. I’ve been looking to replace my toaster oven after it lasted me nine years — received from our wedding registry! — and this one has perfectly fit the bill. We use it daily.

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