DIY Chunky Chain Necklace

February 13, 2013

Hello TAGGers… it’s Erin, your DIY contributor, from Thanks, I Made It! For this month’s DIY, we asked you to contribute your ideas for my next project. We had some responses asking for easy, chunky statement necklaces, so I think this project will fit the bill. Using the same technique as the popular sparkly chain friendship bracelet, I whipped up a necklace while catching up on my Parks and Rec faster than you can say J.J.’s waffles (anyone?). Here’s how.

Tools and materials:
18 inches chain (I wasn’t sure what size I would go with, so I pictured two! I settled on this size)
18 inches rhinestone chain
4 skeins embroidery thread
Embroidery needle (not pictured)
Jump rings (big enough to fit around the chain) and clasp
Jewelry pliers

To begin, unravel the skeins of thread and braid them all together into a braid as long as the chain. Save a very long piece of thread for the next step.
Following these instructions, sew the chain, braid, and rhinestones together.
Finish sewing, and them add jump rings and clasp to the ends of the chain.
That’s it! I told you it was simple. Do you have any future ideas for something you want to see me DIY for The Average Girl’s Guide? Be sure to let me or Alyson know! In the meantime, for weekly projects and DIY inspiration, be sure to check out Thanks, I Made It. You can also keep up on Facebook and Twitter.
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