Kitchen Sink Salad

February 12, 2013

As part of Feel Fit Feb, V, Erika and I are sharing this today some of our favorite recipes and our general diet style. For me, I’m a “quantity” eater (who loves a good crunch; a little random/weird, I know). Some of you guys are probably good eating two bites of something majorly indulgent, yet I’d be happier inhaling a bag of popcorn or apple slices! It’s true. Recognizing that during Weight Watchers year ago was hugely helpful because I know what’s going to satisfy me, and what’s going to keep me heading back to the kitchen (regardless of what I just ate).

When it comes to prepping meals, are you an excellent cook? Or, do you hate doing it? I fall into the category that I love watching Food Network, pinning recipes and collecting cookbooks, but when it comes to diversifying my meals, I have a looooonnng way to go. We go through phases in our house; times when we’re using the grill, turning on the oven every night and then spurts when we’re so insanely busy and tired that take-out, or breakfast for dinner (yum!) is the only thing we have energy to do. I’ll admit it was way easier before our daughter to spend an hour cooking or making a last minute run to the store, but now? Not going to happen. This is a go-to….

One of my favorite, easy go-to meals is my “kitchen sink salad” or more aptly named, “what’s lurking in my pantry salad!” I bring home a rotisserie from the local market, my husband dices it up, and just pull what we have. The chicken lasts us a solid two days, and the huge portion satisfies my love a huge plateful of food. This varies based on what’s in the house, what other fresh veggies we have on-hand, etc.

My salad du jour:
Mixed greens // Rotisserie chicken // 1/2 avocado // sliced almonds // little bit of goat cheese (or feta) // chic peas // artichokes // sundried tomatoes // yellow onion // dash of salt // olive oil (instead of dressing)

Do you do the same? If so, what’s usually hanging in your pantry or fridge waiting for a little salad action? 

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  • PennyPincherFashion

    This looks so delicious! Totally something I could eat every day and never get tired of…definitely doing it this week :)

  • Grit & Glamour™

    That looks delish! I’m a salad junkie, and often do the very same thing with a rotisserie chicken. It’s such an easy go-to when life gets hectic.

  • Kim // Six2Eleven

    Mmm this is making me so hungry! My husband and I are suckers for “pantry pasta.” Which is basically the same idea (use what ya got) however, this is way healthier!

  • Erika Sheffer

    Yummy!! I love a good salad :)

  • Lia ~ Smart n Snazzy

    That’s what I do with rotisserie chicken leftovers! I pick up a chicken and carve it and have it for dinner with the kids one night, then save the rest and toss it in a salad for dinner the next night! I hate throwing food away. This looks delish! Love that we’re on the same page :)

  • Lyddiegal

    you had a lot of really good stuff in your kitchen!!

    my fave salad is with apple, feta, crasins, and walnuts.

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