How to Save Big at the Grocery Store

January 16, 2013

When it comes to constant costs, I’m sure we all can relate that the grocery store is one we wish we could minimize. While it’s impossible to zap it all together, here’s seven smart tips (besides using coupons) that can save you tangible dollars to save or allocate wherever else they’re so needed.

How to Save Big on your Grocery Bill

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  • Kristin & Megan

    Not being pre-packaged stuff is healthier too! Great tips!

  • Susan Hager

    These are great tips and tricks! Especially since I’m hoping to be out on my own soon, this is great!

  • Bettina

    Oh my gosh, I never even thought to look at the cost per unit! Sometimes I even whip out my calculator to determine compare costs in store… doh!

  • foojeex1992

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