School Supplies List

August 21, 2012

Ring the bell, school’s back is session. Ok, maybe I’m no longer in school and my daughter is in preschool where it’s just a continuation from summer but who cares… I love any excuse to update my school, err work, supplies. While it took me years to move away from the calendar that started in August here are a few totally useful tools to help you with the quadratic equation at school or to submit an A+ next marketing strategy report. However you roll…

 Glitter Clothes pins (perfect for a hanging of-the-moment inspiration || Chevron Lap Desk (comes in four patterns) || Ted Baker Pencil Case ||  Bird Cork board || Stephanie Johnson iPad case || Universal Travel Adapter ||  To Do List notepad ||Poulain camera tape dispenser || F*cking Genius notepad ||Erasable File Label Starter Kit (genius!!) || Pens by Seltzer ||Thumb Thing (ok, possibly more genius) ||Mustache Push Pins 

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  • bestofbklyn

    Must, must, must find a use/place for those glitter clothespins in order to justify purchasing! Love the rest of the list, too!

    • Eat.Style.Play

      i know right?! i dont even have anything to hang but i want them haha.

    • Alyson

      Totally agree. Would be awesome on an inspiration board, on a wire to hang photos, etc.

  • PennyPincherFashion

    Love those glittery clothespins! I have got to get going & buy the stuff on my daughter’s list before it gets too late and everything is cleared out at Target!

    • Alyson

      Right? When does school start? School started here yesterday so my post almost feels behind!

  • Tara

    Dying over those glitter clothespins!

    • Alyson

      Same; they’re amazing.

  • Grace - Stripes + Sequins

    Those glitter clothespins are everything!

    • Jordan - Queen of LA

      was just coming to comment the same thing. I NEED! could be an easy DIY too! i love them!

      • Alyson

        Right? Thinking that it would be such a hot mess though of a job… might be easier to just buy! :)

  • Stephanie Gerber

    how cute are these? I say once back to school is in your blood, it doesn’t matter if you’re even in school :)

    • Alyson

      Totally agree… I’m all about the supplies/organization.

  • Eat.Style.Play

    haha, love these!! I dont know what the obsession with staches are but those push pins are cute as a button.

    • Alyson

      haha, I don’t either but somehow as a push pin I find them adorable.

  • Megan Zietz

    love the clothespins!

  • Deborah Jamison

    I think I need that travel adapter… :)

    • Alyson

      TOtally agree… perfect for travel!

  • Marissa

    such cute supplies!!

  • RealGirlGlam

    I love school supplies! Every time I go into Target I always want to get new notebooks or markers.

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