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January 30, 2012

It makes my life — for real — when one of you emails, tweets or comments saying they have tried a new look or style because of something seen in TAGG. I have to admit I’ve also had those moments. Whether you’ve seen them in my outfit posts or not, I’ve begun to experiment by mixing more patterns, colors and textures, and trying on — and buying things — I might not have even given a second look at in years past because of this blog. This hat is the perfect example. It’s totally out of my confort zone but after seeing it styled on Cheetah is the New Black and Pretty Shiny Sparkly (with my Zara sequin clutch!), among others, I had to give it a whirl.

 This hat is a Target find, an Albertus Swanepoel for J. Crew look-alike. Found it on clearance for just $13 and immediately wore it with pride (even if people in CVS couldn’t stop staring. Rawr!).

PS: I’m not a hat person. I have a large head. Hats often sit ridiculously perched atop my head. Looks silly. This one works. Hooray! My husband totally hates it. Thinks I look ridiculous so of course I have to wear it around the house, even climbing into bed in my pjs with it on for a laugh. Ok, only I laughed. But it was worth it! At least he was nice enough to take these photos for me.

Hat: Target (2012) / Grey tee: Urban Outfitters (recebt 2012; men’s department) / Vest: Gap (2011) / Jeans: Joe’s / heels: Hollywould for Target (2008?) / Bag: purchased in Amsterdam (2008) / necklace: banana republic (2008) / bracelets: jewelmint + baublebar

Husband was pretty happy to see the hat perched anywhere but on my head!

 PS: I’m totally OK that he doesn’t love everything I wore. Do you have some looks that your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or friend totally do not go for yet you think you look adorable in it? Think we all do, and as long as you love it and it makes you feel a little rockstar, TAGG says rock it!

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  • Penny Pincher Fashion

    Haha - this made me laugh! Oh, I have so many things that my husband doesn’t like - anything leopard printed or when I colorblock or things that are more trendy. I just tell him he doesn’t understand fashion (and that’s ok). I have a similar problem with hats…my head is too big and they look strange. I’ve always wanted to be able to wear a fedora, but so far haven’t found the right one. The good news is this looks adorable on you, despite your husband’s feelings! :)

  • tami

    Wow my fav leopard!

  • Lia

    You look fabulous, Alyson! So sassy!! And men never get it or understand, do they?

  • Collette Osuna

    Wow, what a cute hat on you hunnie!! and, it makes for a perfect door mirror cover too:)

    Happy Monday!

    A Blog of Life & Everything in Between!

  • NauticalWheeler

    LOVE the vest! I think you always need to wear what makes you feel great :)

    From Brooklyn with love,


  • My Dressy Ways

    Oh, so many woes about my huge noggin so I hear ya. My husband loves me in baseball caps though. (He also has a thing for the stereotypical image of a soccer mom - in gym clothes driving a huge SUV.) Lol, was that TMI? Anyway, at least baseball caps are adjustable. And sometimes, I love dressing super trendy just to see the look on his face and hear his commentary. It’s priceless.

  • Neris

    haha, there are so many things that my BF doesn’t like and i keep wearing :) last photo is awesome :)


    Fashion Fractions

  • AGrace

    My husband knows better than to tell me he doesn’t like what I’m wearing! HA HA HA! ;)

  • Jacqueline

    My husband HATES rompers! I still love them and him though =)

    • Alyson

      LOL, yay for having room in your heart to love both. :) Rompers do not at all work on my body top however they look so great on many women!

  • Kristin

    My hubs doesn’t love it when I think outside the box fashion wise. No matter to me…I dress for me! : ) I love that necklace!

  • Berlinda Christian

    Love this look. Who would have known. lol

    • Alyson

      Ha, so glad that you do! Fun to play around with different styles.

  • Kimberlee

    haha I have many pieces in my wardrobe that make my family laugh. They always look forward to my outfits for get togethers to see what crazy thing I’ll be wearing this time :p Aww you don’t have a big head! Cute outfit :)

  • megan, the frugalista diaries

    i like it! I’m hoping my store still had the ton that it had last week for $9, I’ve been waiting for 75% to snag a bunch!

    Yeah, men just don’t get fashion. haha.

  • bestofbklyn

    I love that hat! And my husband totally hates a few things in my wardrobe, namely a pair of mustard pants- he calls them “the baby poop pants.”

  • [email protected]

    Although my husband just LOVES to comment on my big large noggin (his favorite joke is to ask random people “Would you rather have a million dollars….or Lauren’s head full of quarters?”), he’s never expressed any feeling whatsoever about what I wear. Now my college roommate, on the other hand. She used to hide my Doc Martens all the time and threaten to throw them away. I thought they were cool!! :-)

    Love the hat, you are stylin. Hope the move went well!!

  • Bonnie

    Your vest — I NEED. I have a new obsession, and it comes in the form of a black vest.
    P.S. The hat is super cute! Definitely a keeper.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • Jordan - Queen of LA

    ok first of all, i laughed out loud at the title of this post.

    second of all, you look fab. i LOVE leopard and turquoise together!

  • Allie

    So cute! And great minds think alike, I am wearing the same hat today! LOL

  • Mandy @ in the fashion lane

    THIS is one of my favorite looks on you ever. I have called 27 stores in CA trying to find that hat. I am SO mad i didn’t buy it when I had the chance. It looks amazing on you! AND the vest…oh em gee I NEED. You look so great! Love this slight edge to your look. LOVE!

  • Grace - Stripes & Sequins

    So funny… Stefan is the same, very opinionated and not afraid to share his opinions!!!

  • Julia

    Rock that hat!! Looks great! And I’m like you, I have a big head! It’s really hard for me to find hats so the rare occasion that I do I immediately snatch it up! By the way, I love that vest! :)

  • The Fashionable ESQ

    I’m dying over how adorable this is. By far my favorite OOTD post that you’ve done! You look great!!!

    The Fashionable ESQ

  • Pencil Skirts and Lattes

    I feel like you’ve experienced a WHOLE SERIES of my man discussing the things he hates about my fashion adventures hahahaaa :) hey, I think we may have to have a contest to see which of us has a bigger dome - I can hardly wear any hats because of this extra large melon atop my shoulders!! you look adorable though - I LOVE that vest!!! great post!!!

  • Nicole Feliciano

    For the most part, Mr. Momtrends does approve of my wardrobe. He was not keen on skinny jeans at first, but he’s now a fan. He also prefers I wear heels-but this mom is on the move too much. Thanks for showing off your style on Monday Mingle over at Momtrends!

  • phyllis miller


  • Nico

    To be honest, my man friend likes most everything I wear… except sheer blouses! I have a plethora of weird clothing that I rock on the regular but anytime he sees me in a sheer white button up he has to mention how much he hates it! Who new…


    ps, I think you look fantastic!

  • Nico


    Thanks for the nice comment! In regards to my designer wear….I honestly can’t afford full price designer anything. But I do have a few tricks!!! I shop at places like Marshalls, Neiman Marcus Last Call, and designer discount boutiques. And Nordstrom Rack always has something for me! I shop often and Im always looking for the best deal but I rarely ever purchase anything. I save until I find just the right item at the right price!


  • Fashion By Alicia

    You look fabulous! Sometimes husbands have to get on the bandwagon when something works.

  • Ally

    This is so fun! Some great experimenting :) And ya know what… men don’t always know everything… just because they hate something doesn’t mean we can’t do it anyways!

    xoxo, Ally

  • Nancy Ann Gazo

    The hat? Way cool. Love it!

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