Vent Sesh + Sparkles, Leopard

October 5, 2011

I had high hopes that today would be my first official VENT SESH on the bloggie however life got in the way. Work has been so busy (three potential new clients in one week. Weee!) that it’s been impossible to dedicate the time. That said, here’s a mini Vent Sesh that I hope you’ll comment on.

This morning I visited my secret bff (the counselor!) and totally prepared by not even putting on mascara. But guess what? I actually don’t cry. Woohoo! :) What I learned is that I need to stop feeling guilty about everything, which ps: is totally self inflicted!. I feel guilty that I should spend more time with my daughter, that I should be somewhere five minutes earlier and that I should do more for each client. The list goes on. She said that first, I need to stop saying the word ‘should’ and instead remind myself I am doing the best I can. She’s so right.

{can you hear me taking a sigh of relief?}

So as you know, last night I went ahead and purchased this sequin beauty from Zara just because, and man, I love it so much it’s literally sitting in my office with me. Yeah, I’m that nerd and totally admitting it! Here’s a quick snapshot of me with it today. LOVE the contrast with the cardy.

cardigan: ann taylor / pants: gap / bracelets: lord & taylor and baublebar / necklace: ?  (ages old) / watch: swatch / nails: essie ups / clutch: zara

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  • My Dressy Ways

    I LOVE it with the leopard! You should name it. :) Haha.

    • admin

      hahaha i really should name it. Hmmm!

  • Jules

    You sound like you’re doing well and I think it’s great that you have a counselor that you feel comfortable talking to and that she’s been helpful. You are doing the best you can and just keep telling yourself that. I don’t have any children yet and beat myself up all the time that I need to devote more to this and that. It’s hard keeping all the balls juggling in the air these days.

    Anyway, on a happier note, I am in LOVE with that clutch and cardi. Sequins and leopard make a perfect combo. I got to visit a Zara store for the first time when I was in Chicago for the weekend. I wish we had one in Philly.

  • Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks

    Love your Zara clutch!!! You look so gorgeous! xx

  • grace - stripes & sequins

    You look absolutely gorgeous… and so glad you bought the clutch. On a more serious note, yes, it’s so hard doing everything - all you can do is the very best you can, and know in your heart that it was your best! The “shoulds” will always be there haunting you but you can’t think about them! xo

    • snackyjackie

      I SECOND THIS!!! Bingo! ^^^

      You look so pretty! So happy you got that clutch. It’s amazing! Don’t be down.. you’ve got a beautiful daughter, beautiful new clutch and a beautiful blog (hope that made you smile!)


      • admin

        It did… thanks, Jackie!! :)

    • admin

      TOtally agree! I think most of my ‘shoulds’ are centered around my daughter, who I want to see grow up while balancing having a career. It’s a daily challenge.

  • Kara

    Ooh, you totally made me want to do a little shopping at Zara and copy you.
    I’m hard on myself too and that’s really great advice to hear to just stop thinking you should be doing all this stuff and be satisfied with what you’ve already done (unless the problem is that you were being lazy lol!)

    • admin

      haha well of course, but most of us who probably feel guilty are the ones hwo are actually already doing a lot. have to take a moment to say I’m doing what I can, and learn to be satisfied with that answer.

  • ilene

    looove the leopard cardi - and the sparkles, so sassy! love it!

  • Lori

    Wednesday is my day for counseling as well ….and I DIDN’T cry this time! Sounds like we both had a successful mental health day :)

    • admin

      Yay for us! SO glad your session was at successful as mine (though many of the most do have tears involved. ha). xo

  • phyllia miller


  • Silvia
  • whitney

    i love it!!! what a great way to make any day feel like a special occasion. and you are right about the guilt being self-inflicted. we are all too hard on ourselves!

  • Best Of Palm Beach

    Loving the clutch!

  • Amber from Real Girl Glam

    Animal print & sparkles?!? Perfection! Looks great!

  • Kimberlee

    hehe I remember you tweeting about whether or not you should get the clutch - guess you gave in! It is really small though! On the model shot you posted, it looks WAY bigger. But it is gorgeous so hope you love it :)

    • admin

      You know what… I thought it was kind of small, too, but used it last night and there’s TONS of room. Was really pleasantly surprised. Thrilled with the buy. :)

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