Champagne/light gold shoes are crazy useful. While the ones I wore in yesterday’s post used to be relegated to ‘fancy’ looks, I realized that that’s silly. I now enjoy them with everything… even jeans! 

I did a similar post last year just before last New Year’s Eve, too, because what better time to think about anything champagne than right before New Year’s Eve when we’re practically required to sip the bubbly! Don these with your favorite black dress, your work attire or for happy hour.  For the ones that are a little more glitz than your office can handle (1, 2, 4 and 8 are best for work), wear wide leg pants so you’re just showing the front, or save them for the nights out.   


1.  little bow peep via modcloth 2.  dvf serra (swoon!) 3. madden girl toriie 4.  born dorota flats (cozy chic!) / 5. unlisted act one t3 6. nine west ladyvenom (exposed arch? oddly sexy!) 7. caparros wyndham 8. nina forbes (love nina’s!)

TAGG tip: mix these with any metals, they’re totally neutral (though rose or yellow gold would be my first choice)!