gold flash tattoos

You’ve possibly been spying these cool temporary tattoos around town for a few months but this girl just tested them out recently. Wear them around your arm in lieu of a bracelet (and no worries of them getting in the way while typing!), add a few, like hearts, stars or the word love, on the back of your neck or the under side of your wrist, add to your ankle or get inspired by the round-up of real ways to style them.

There are crazier styles out there — I mean you can create major statement necklaces, wear along your forehead and other cool things — but this average girl with a regular job? Those aren’t going to fly. I used Lulu DK tattoos, which are $22 for two sheets (it’s a lot of temporary tats!), and mine have lasted two weeks. Flash Tattoos are the original, and I’ve even found these look-a-likes on Amazon for under $8 per sheet.

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