Let me start off by saying if you are on Instagram and are not yet following Erika (@styleactivist), you are kinda majorly missing out.  The girl makes the healthiest dishes look like meals you want to jump through your phone to eat (minor accomplishment!) and she does so in a way that also educates her followers in the process. Watching her fuel her body (yup, I eat, she fuels) was a major catalyst why I realized I needed to stop playing the numbers game and start focusing on how my body felt. It’s remarkable how much she has taught herself and how much she’s grown in the process.

Style Activist,

This Philly girl’s posts during Feel Fit February have been so informative (first, opening up about her weight, and then this week, the truth about her eating style; I’ve been so curious!). Now, check out her responses to our questions…. {and thanks again to Erika for stopping by!}

Tell me about yourself, Twitter style… 140 characters or less.

I’m energetic, strong, passionate, and always dressed to kale.

Style Activist, Erika

What does Feel Fit February mean to you?

It’s about spreading the word that numbers don’t necessarily translate to health. Just because you are 110 lbs doesn’t mean that your insides look good - there’s so much more to it than weight. Keep Reading —>>

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